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The Importance Of Auto Repair On A Bent Frame

When you are in a collision with another vehicle or another kind of object, you are probably in need of auto repair in Corvallis OR. Even if there is no visual damage to the vehicle, their still could be other unseen issues that were caused from the accident. If you are in a collision you may still want to have your vehicle inspected to ensure it is safe to drive on the road.

Sometimes, when owners get back behind the wheel of their repaired vehicle they drive and still feel their vehicle is a little off. This could be caused by the frame on the vehicle being bent. Often, this type of damage can be over looked or repaired improperly. If you think your vehicle may have a bent frame due to a collision you may want to seek auto repair in Corvallis OR services as soon as possible.

One sign your frame is not in proper positioning is misalignment after an accident. For example, if you are driving and you have to pull the steering wheel more to the left or the right to make your vehicle go straight this could be an indication that the frame of your vehicle is bent and needs auto repair in Corvallis OR. Another sign your vehicle’s frame is bent is accelerated tire wear. If after an accident you find yourself replacing tires more then you did before, you may want to have a repair shop check to see if your frame is in proper shape.

The danger of not having this type of auto repair in Corvallis OR can vary. For example, if the frame is bent it could have structural issues that may not hold the weight of the vehicle over a period of time. This could be very dangerous because your car frame is what the large components of your vehicle are bolted to, such as the suspension and engine. If your frame is bent or cracked it may be unable to hold these parts in proper position for a long period of time.

Another issue a bent or cracked vehicle frame can cause is lower gas mileage. Lower gas mileage from a bent frame is caused by the vehicle’s tires being misaligned or crooked, making the vehicle work harder to do things such as accelerate.

What are Fair Labor Rates for Car Service??

How to Find Fair Labor Rates for Car Service

With the National Highway Safety Administration estimating that consumers are being ripped off by billions of dollars every year by auto repair shops more persons are asking, what are fair labor rates for car service? There are websites that can help consumers find fair labor rates by providing online information of real-time shop repair estimates, based on over 400,000 accredited repair shops in the United States. Their estimates include average labor costs and hours of completion for various types of services.

Fair Hourly Labor Rates for Car Service

When looking around for a repair shop to get your car serviced or repaired,it is very important to know what a shop charges per hour for labor.On average, labor rates range from $60 to $100 dollars per hour at local repair shops to $80 to $140 per hour at dealerships in some states.In some states like California, labor rates may be as low as $45 per hour in lower income areas and as high as $100 per hour in high income areas.Some repair shops have different hourly labor rates for different types of services rendered, for example mechanical versus electrical work.This is a fair way of determining labor costs and may save the consumer some money on their bill.

Labor costs should be listed as a separate category on the repair order;this includes labor dollar values and labor time in hours and tenths of hours. Separate listing of labor costs is actually a requirement by law in many states.Some auto repair shops do not post labor rates on their bills, and this allows them to manipulate charges with a labor matrix. Once you have taken in your car to a shop for service or repair and you know their hourly rate for labor, it is important to multiply the rate by the number of hours that your car is repaired for.  This will ensure that you know what the correct amount for labor should be on the bill.Some customers don’t stop to do the math and end up getting ripped off.

Fair Flat Rates for Car Service

Some auto shops charge a flat rate (menu selling) for repairs or services.The bill is not broken down into parts, tax and labor.This can make it difficult to determine if the price charged is fair or not.The good thing is that usually flat rates are competitively priced.The repair shop should determine the flat rate time for a service either from the manufacturer or from one of several published guide books, such as Alldata, Snap-on, Motors and Mitchell.These authorities use time studies to determine average repair times.

Ask the Experts

Determining what are fair labor costs for car service can be challenging; however, consulting experts and authorities in the automotive industry can provide accurate answers.The informed and equipped consumer will be able to expect and demand fair labor rates for services rendered on their vehicle.

How to Replace a Quarter Panel Skin

Use a grinder with a wire wheel to remove the paint from the door jamb area and the area that is welded to the taillight panel.
These spot welds as well as the  ones on the door jamb will be drilled out after the majority of the panel is removed


Here I have started removing the quarter panel.  I grinded all of the corners and cut the panel just below the body line.  This quickly got rid of most of the panel.  Then I went back and drilled out all of the spot welds that were on the door pillar and taillight panel extensions.  There are also spot welds on the inside where the rear window is down on the rocker panel.



I cut below the body line initially.  This gives you a lip to hang the new quarter panel on so that you can trace where the final cut needs to be.  After I traced the replacement quarter panel onto the car I cut it with a cut off wheel on my grinder.  When I cut it I left the line and then ground it down for the final fit.
This is what it looks like with the quarter panel removed.  It is easy to see why it is necessary to put a brace on the taillight panel.
I used a rust converter on the surface rust and then sprayed it black.


Here is a picture of the quarter panel “hanging” in place.


I found some rust while working on the quarter panel.  After wire wheeling it I found that it was pretty severe.


The affected area was removed.  The blue lines show where I cut it.


I then welded in a patch.  There was also a rust spot on the roof rail as well.  It was cut out and new metal was welded in.


Here is the completed repair
This is what it looked like before.


Clamps were used to hold the wheel well in place.  I clamped the quarter panel in place and adjusted the wheel well until it lined up with thequarter panel.


Next I removed the quarter panel and welded the wheel well in place.


Next I welded the inner wheel well in place.  I used the support that runs from the package tray to the wheel well to line everything up.  The inner wheel well is an original (not to the car) and the outer is a reproduction.


Next it was time to weld in the quarter panel.  Before fitting it to the car I punched holes in the lip that gets welded to the door pillar.  This will allow me to mimic factory spot welds using a mig welder.


The same procedure was used on the bottom flange of the quarter panel.
The first part that I welded was the door pillar.


Then I tack welded next to the body line using a hammer and dolly to make the metal line up perfectly.
Next I welded the wheel arch to the wheel well.  I used a heat sink compound to prevent warping.


This is the heat sink compound that I used.


While welding along the long seam I used a piece of flattened copper pipe as a backer to fill the gap in.  It also acts as a heat sink to prevent warping.  The heat sink compound was also used.  I welded the entire seam with very little warping of the panels.  The small amount of warping that did occur was easily fixed with a hammer and dolly.
View of heat sink prior to welding.


View of the seam with the heat sink compound on either side of the weld.


View of the final weld


Another view of the weld
All welding complete.  Ready for grinding.

Customize Your Classic Car – Paint Your Own Rims

Paint your own Rims? Who would have thought something previously done by professionals could be done in your own home.

While, the concept of painting your own rims has been around a few years now, many questions pop up of how to do it and I thought I would share my own experiences with painting my Integra stock rims. I have read up many examples of how to do this, but my first time trying was this year when I chose to refinish my winter rims. I was quite please with the outcome.

First, what the hell do you need to paint your rims? Paint of course 🙂 This is where Duplicolor comes in with their wheel paint. They offer paint colors to match your style coming in white, gunmetal, classic silver and bronze as well. I chose to do mine in gunmetal leaving my lip the stock polished style look. So here are your options:

So you chose your color, bought your paint and are semi-ready. First, you need to sand down your rims. Why? This gives the surface a rough texture so the paint has something to adhere to. Reference the article to polish your rims on how sanding of the rims works. The only difference with this is how far you want to go. In my case, being winter rims painted I chose not to go through the process of stripping the paint on the rims completely. I simply sanded down the surface with 300 grit sandpaper ensuring to make everything sanded equally. This gives the rough surface required for the paint to adhere, and as long as your rims had no damage it should be good enough.

Your rims are sanded; you have your paint and now are ready. First, make sure you clean all sanding dust off the rims and ensure a totally clean surface so the paint will stick and not flake off after your first drive out with your newly painted rims!!! Here are my rims washed and ready to completely dry before painting:

My rims are masked off with newspaper and masking tape. Of course you want to do this so you don’t turn your tires into the color you are painting. I don’t want gunmetal painted tires. Also if you look close enough, you will know that the lip has been masked off as well. So I carefully applied the masking tape on the lip to protect it from being painted as well. Also, you know the little thing you pump your air into, mask that off as well unless you want that to have a color change as well 🙂

The rims are dry, you have masked off what you don’t want painted and now you are ready. Put some newspaper on the ground and place the rim on top of the newspaper. You don’t want to paint the concrete underneath the rim so keep it clean with the newspaper.

Now apply your first coat of paint. Let the paint dry well and next day admire your handiwork and results.

Classic Auto Air Perfect Fit Series Air Conditioning Installation

Since I figured I would almost exclusively be driving this car during the hot summer months I decided to install air conditioning.  There are quite a few options when it comes to air conditioning in a 69 Mustang.  Options range from finding all original parts to complete aftermarket systems.  I opted for an aftermarket system.  I decided on this for a couple of reasons:

1.  To track down all original parts would be expensive and time consuming.
2.  The original pieces would more than likely have to be rebuilt or restored in some way.
3.  Aftermarket systems come with instructions and customer support if you can’t figure something
out.  With original parts you are pretty much on your own.
4.  Aftermarket units look like original parts, but they funtion like barand new parts complete with a

I decided to go with a system from Classic Auto Air.  It is a complete system that includes everything that you need to complete the installation.  Best of all when you are finished you have a system that looks just like an original factory AC unit looked.  Classic Auto Air provides detailed instructions that are pretty decent.  This page is not intended to be instructions on how to install the unit in your car.  If you want detailed instructions go:
This page is simply meant to highlight some parts of the install.

The one thing that I did not like about this kit is the new face plate that they supply you.  This is simply meant to stick over your original face plate.  I think that this sticker looks cheap and is also a dead giveaway that this is an aftermarket system.  It is for these reasons that I decided to make my own.
This is what I came up with.  I think that this looks much more authentic than a sticker.  If you are installing this system in your Mustang and would like one of these plates instead of the sticker I manufacture them and they are sold on ebay and through Mustangs Unlimited.  Please clickhere for more info on purchasing one.  Please note that I changed the design to look even more authentic.  The picture below shows what the new design looks like.

All of the heater hoses and A/C lines pass neatly through the opening where the heater blower motor used to be.  Classic Auto Air requires you to drill a hole in your firewall just below the blower motor.  This hole coincides with a mounting tag on the new heater box.  BEWARE!  THE TEMPLATE WAS WRONG IN MY INSTRUCTION PACKET.  Make sure that your template is correct before drilling the hole.  My hole location was 1 5/8″ off.  You can easily tell if the template is off by cutting it out and laying it on the new heater box.  Center the heater and A/C outlet ports inside the cutout circle of the template and take note of where the mounting tab and the drain holes are located.  If the tab lines up with the template you are good to go.  If not mark the template accordingly and use that mark as a reference as to where to drill the hole.


This is the template that is supplied with the kit.  The 5/8″ hole is for the drain.  The smaller hole above and to the right of the 5/8″ hole is drilled in the firewall for a bolt that holds the heater box in place, and the 3rd hole to the right of the heater motor hole is intended to help align the template.  As stated earlier these holes did not line up on my car.  Double check before drilling anything.


The following pictures show how the components look when they are installed.





ECU mounting location.  This can be mounted anywhere.  I chose to mount mine on the passenger’s side behind the passenger’s side dash panel.



Driver’s side louver.


Passenger’s side louver.
Control Panel
One other minor drawback to the kit is the fact that the supplied center dash louver is not the same size as an original louver for a car that came factory equipped with A/C.  This presented a problem for me because when I ordered a new dash pad for the car I ordered one for a factory A?C car because I didn’t want to cut up a brand new dash pad.  I plan on replacing the Classic Auto Air center louver with an original style louver at some point, but for now this is how I solved the problem.


First I cut a piece of Plexiglas where the outside dimension of the piece fit inside of the factory A/C cutout in the dash pad, and the inside cutout would allow the Classic Auto Air louver to slide in to it.  I then cut a piece on vinyl from an old door panel to wrap the piece of Plexiglas in.



Apply contact cement to the vinyl


And to the Plexiglas (Both Sides)


Wrap the vinyl around the Plexiglas



Cut the vinyl along the inside edge of the Plexiglas


Your piece should look like this


Then install the louver into your adapter


Now the louver can be installed into the dash pad.  Mine was a pretty tight fit and would probably have stayed in on its own, but I decided to use some glue dots on it just to be sure.


This is what the finished product looks like.  Not bad, but I think I will still switch it to a factory louver if I can find a decent one.


Another interior view



And here’s the finished product.
Compressor mounting location.  One thing that is not included in the kit is new belts.  You have to measure the belts to get the proper fitting ones.  I used a string to get an approximate measurement, and then used trial and error from there.  The problem with using a string is the fact that a belt measurement is actually the measure of the centerline of the belt, and a string measures the inside of the belt.  My belts ended up being 2″ larger than my string measurement.  On my application I used a 58515 and a 57515.  That is a 58 1/2″ belt 3/8″ wide and a 57 1/2″ belt 3/8″ wide.  Yours may be different, but it should be around that length.

Bug and Tar Remover to Keep Auto Paint Looking Like New

When you buy a car, one of the most important things to keep it in top condition is to maintain the paint finish. To keep the paint on your car looking fresh and new, you need to use high quality products. You should look for products manufactured by a company that knows the automotive industry. You have to use products that consistently work to keep the finish on your car looking shiny and new. Products to keep the finish on your car looking great and that consistently get good reviews from consumers, are what you want to buy. This is especially true when you must buy bug and tar remover.

There are a lot of things that can destroy the paint on your car. Among these are bugs, tar, sap from trees, and bird droppings. Bugs can destroy the paint on a car because certain types of insects contain acids that can actually eat through the finish on your car. Bugs splattered across the windshield and paint look disgusting, but they cause bigger problems. If a good bug and tar remover isn’t used as soon as the insects hit your car, more problems can result. When the bugs begin to decompose, they create enzymes that are designed to break down the decomposing insects. However, they also begin destroying the paint.

When road tar gets on the finish of your car, it is sticky and very difficult to remove unless you use a good quality bug and tar cleaner. If the tar isn’t removed using the proper method, it can result in scratches to the paint on your car. There are a lot of good commercial products on the market that you can use to remove the tar. You should use a removal product to loosen the tar from the surface. It may have to sit for about 30 seconds. Before using the bug and tar remover, you should make sure to clean the surface of the car where the tar had collected.

After washing the surface thoroughly, you should use a soft cloth to remove the product. You shouldn’t leave it on for longer than 30 seconds because the finish could be damage further. Using anything abrasive could damage the paint. If there are any scratches as a result of removing the tar, buff the surface with a soft cloth and apply a coat of wax to regain the shine. Once the bugs and tar have been removed, waxing or using a paint sealant on the surface will prevent further problems.

How Virtual Showroom Helps Auto Dealers

Always open showroom Majority of the customers may not find time during working hours of showroom as they will be busy with their own work. Virtual showrooms serve the visitors 24/7 all through the year. A person can visit a showroom even at midnight from his home, unlike brick and mortar showrooms, which will be available only for 10 to 12 hours a day.
Less maintenance costs The maintenance costs of a virtual showroom will be significantly less compared to regular showroom. Maintenance costs of a regular showroom can run into thousands of dollars, which may include electricity bills, salesmen’s wages, property rent, etc. You can easily change the appearance of your virtual showroom. Renovating a traditional showroom on the other hand is tiresome and expensive.

Virtual showrooms win you a competitive advantage over your competitors. Using a virtual showroom, you can make a significant difference in converting your website visits to sales.

The Impact of Low-Friction Wheel Bearings on Hybrid Vehicles

Eco-friendliness is a modern way to describe any equipment that makes the attempt to leave the environment untouched or unharmed. In regard to commercial vehicles, it can be an innovative mechanical feature that is trying to cut fuel consumption, decrease carbon dioxide emission and significantly improve overall engine performance. Carbon dioxide emissions have drastically increased due to human activity. In response to this environmental problem, the automotive industry and some engineering companies have designed and introduced eco-friendly utility equipment such as hybrid vehicles. These innovative vehicles can lead the way in terms of cost-effectiveness with the contribution to the cause of lower oil consumption and longer vehicle mileage.

Along with this timely innovation is the development of new types of products that could market hybrid trucks in the global arena. Along these lines, low friction wheel bearings were brought into existence by a Swedish company known as SKF (AB SKF), that patented a multi-row self-aligning radial ball rolling-element in 1907 and went on to found Volvo AB in 1926.

Low friction wheel bearings were created to withstand high loads, help to save fuel, offer optimum shock resistance and smooth operation, be stable and be easy to maintain. SKF is the largest manufacturer of these rolling-element devices in the world and continuously produces efficient designs with superior quality products that will not compromise environmental sustainability.

Revolutionary technological advancements in this field have included the creation of various low-friction wheel bearings, consisting of X-tracker hub units, turbocharger units, rotor positioning units and sensor units used for electric motors.
Different Types of Units


  • Low-Friction X-tracker – This is an asymmetrical hub bearing unit that was made for high-speed cars or for rough road conditions type of driving. The impact of this piece of equipment is the reduction a large percentage of carbon dioxide emission as well as contributing to total vehicle power-loss reduction. The X-tracker hub unit has a parallel bearing arrangement which increases its load-carrying capacity and service life while increasing its durability. This type of low-friction wheel bearing contributes greatly to road performance and stability on all type of vehicles including luxury cars.
  • Turbocharger – This is another innovative development utilizing ceramic rolling balls. It is not difficult to assemble and has a parallel ball bearing arrangement to minimize frictional loss. This fact reduces fuel consumption and decreases carbon dioxide emissions in comparison to the usual such components. An additional feature includes the integration of wear-resistant ceramic rolling elements that can endure extreme temperatures, minimize noise and have high loading capacity when running at high speeds. The unit is made of aerospace-quality steel, reinforced steel and sports a polymer cage design. This modern ball bearing unit is thought to improve overall engine performance, improve running accuracy and improve fuel efficiency.
  • Rotor Positioning – This bearing is used for electric power-steering systems. The rotor positioning unit is exclusively designed to produce high mechanical performance, decrease fuel consumption and reduce air pollution emissions. This advanced technology is made up of powerful alternators and control systems to stop and reboot the engine in a smooth manner. It is made of durable magnetic bearings that can resist extra pressure and mechanical vibrations. This unit is not only compatible for electrical systems of many modern vehicles but also for hybrid electric motors.
  • Sensor – The sensor bearing unit is a multidisciplinary-engineering-designed machine that utilizes mechanical, electronic, computer, control and systems design engineering to come up with useful products. This is a combination of sensor-body and impulse-ring-bearing that is connected with each other and is thought to be essential in achieving higher quality signal generation and transmission.

For hybrid vehicles, the low-friction version of bearings will significantly improve machine performance, help improve fuel efficiency, protect the environment and provide potential savings to the consumer. The strong effect of these automotive industry designs is directed to a ‘greener’ vehicle that will not generate a negative effect to people’s health and the environment as a whole.


Build your garage’s reputation on the quality of your automotive lift service

There are many procedures to follow and many different tools to use when inspecting or repairing an automobile. Doing a thorough job of inspecting and repairing a vehicle requires more than just looking under the hood. Of course, anyone who works in automotive repair knows this. And they know that providing an automotive lift service is one of the most important parts of servicing a vehicle. Incorporating an auto lift repair & service is the best way to ensure a vehicle is properly inspected and thoroughly restored.

If you want to build a reputation as providing the highest quality automotive repair, then you must have an auto lift repair and service that is second-to-none. The best way to ensure your mechanics are able to examine, diagnose, and repair vehicles in a safe and timely manner is to have an automotive lift service. The days of automotive repairman sliding under a vehicle with raggedy sliding boards are over. In the 21st century people want to see a repair service that uses state-of-the-art equipment.

To be sure, you may already offer an automotive lift service; but the question you must ask yourself is, is it good enough? Technological advances are being made all the time in the equipment used in an automotive lift service. You don’t want to be left behind. In order to remain competitive you need to have the tools and equipment that will allow you to enhance the value of your auto lift repair and service. This can only be done by investing in the best equipment available.

Indeed, it is important to remember that automotive lift service equipment is an investment just like any other you’ve made or plan on making to grow your business. Your auto repair service can only grow on the strength of its reputation and an increase in the number of new customers you attract. An automotive lift service may seem like a minor thing, but it can mean all the difference between a vehicle that has been properly looked at and repaired, with a full view of all the various parts, gears, and combinations under the vehicle, and one that has only been briefly scanned and not thoroughly serviced. A repair shop in which vehicles are fixed in the first instance tends to do much better than one in which drivers have to return again and again because of the same problem.

Fortunately, finding the best in equipment for an automotive lift service is not that difficult. And the place to begin your search is on the worldwide web. The web gives you the ability to bring many of the vendors selling this kind of equipment to you. This will give you to opportunity to compare the price and value of the many firms offering this kind of equipment. Using the web will also enable you to find out the reputation of a firm. The best predictor of future performance is past performance. And the firm with a proven record of delivering high customer satisfaction is the one most likely to meet your needs and expectations.

Are Silicone Wiper Blades Worth the Money

Are Silicone Wiper Blades worth the Money?
Like Rubber Wiper Blades and just about every other product or service, Silicone Wiper Blades come at different Price Levels, and buying the dearest doesn’t necessarily mean getting the best.

In order to make an informed decision, we need to be able to spot quality features in Wiperblades, and understand what influence they have on Safety, Life and Performance.

Next we need a method of measuring the cost of Wiperblades against their useful life. We do that by dividing the cost of a single wiper blade by the number of 100,000 cycles in it’s expected life. A cycle being 1 wipe in each direction.

The cheapest and most basic Wiper Blades have a moulded rubber blade with an arrow-head profile offering a single wiping edge. They’ll also have a very cheaply constructed frame. Differences in Frame Quality are more difficult to spot, but usually, the blade quality is a good indicator of the overall quality of the Wiper Blade. Most un-branded Wiper Blades fall into this category.

Single edge Wiper Blades have a typical life of 200,000 cycles, and can cost as little as £3, so they cost at least £1.50 per 100,000 cycles

Most Motorists seek comfort in the big Global Brand Wiper Blades. They know they’re probably not getting the best value for money, but it’s a safe bet. Of course the big brands aren’t slow to take advantage of that, and so their prices aren’t always cost-effective.
Global Brands (and some smaller Brands) offer good quality Wiper Blades. They are easy to spot because the rubber blade has a profile like a small screwdriver instead of an arrow head. This means there are 2 Wiping Edges instead of one. As the Wiper Arm moves in one direction the blade flexes and trails, presenting one of the tip’s “corners” to the windscreen. On the Return Wipe, the blade flexes in the other direction, and uses the opposite edge to wipe the screen.

Quality Twin Edge Rubber Wiper Blades are good for around 500,000 (half a million) wipes. They reduce the risk of unwiped areas, and are much smoother and quieter than cheaper wiper blades. Typically they cost around £10 each, and so cost around £2 per 100,000 cycles.
Every pack of Rubber Wiperblades that I’ve seen carries a warning that they should be replaced between 6-12 mnoths. That’s because U.V. Ozone and Pollution all combine to attack the Rubber Wiper Blades, even when they’re not being used. That’s really bad news for Low-Mileage Drivers and Classic Car Owners, because the Wipers often rot away before they’ve done much work!

Silicone Wiper Blades wear much slower than Rubber ones. A good quality Silicone Wiper Blade has an expected life of 1,500,000 (one and a half million) cycles. Good Quality Silicone Wiper Blades cost slightly more than Premium branded rubber ones, about £12 each. Giving by far the lowest Cost over life of £0.85 per 100,000 Cycles – Obviously, that’s great news for High-Mileage Drivers.

Classic Car Restoration Services: Understanding Classic Car Paint

Getting a new paint job can be one of the most beneficial classic car restoration services. Classic car restoration services can use new paint to make your restoration look vibrant, colorful, and as good as new. However, there are several options to consider when you want to touch up or completely restore your vintage car’s paint job. Here are some of the things you need to think about before buying paint, primer, or even full paint jobs from classic car restoration services.
Restoration or Repainting?
Repainting an entire car – classic or modern – can be costly. Thankfully, it is sometimes possible to salvage the paint job on your classic car and retain the original color.

When old cars sit out for years in junk yards or spend decades without proper maintenance, their outer layers of paint can easily corrode. Ultraviolet rays, dust, salt, and acidic rain can wreak havoc on paint jobs. If your car has large patches of rust or corrosion, it will probably need several new coatings of primer, paint, and gloss.

If there are just a few blemishes, however, you can see dramatic improvements by simply removing the outer layer of paint. As long as the original paint job was several layers thick, stripping away the damaged layer can reveal deep, vibrant color.
Buying Paint
It can sometimes be difficult to find the right paint for your car. Older automobiles were often sold in colors that are no longer popular, so hobbyists who want to reproduce an authentic look will need to search for specialty paints. Classic car restoration services often carry vintage colors and offer options for mixing paints to achieve a specific appearance.
Prepping for a New Paint Job
If you’re going to repaint your car yourself, you need to put a great deal of time and effort into the prep work. Begin by using a power-sander to thoroughly smooth your car’s body and remove blemishes. This is a time-consuming process, but it is absolutely crucial for a quality paint job.

Once your car is smooth, thoroughly wash and dry it, using an air compressor to remove excess moisture, dirt, and particles left over from the sanding process. Finish the prep job by taping and covering every surface you don’t want painted.
Classic Car Paint
You first need to choose the most optimal environment possible for completing your paint job. Indoors is ideal, and perfect weather is a must if you’re going to paint outside. Dirt and insects can easily make their way onto your primer and paint once applied, leaving unsightly marks.

Before you apply any color, you’ll need to put on two coats of primer. Once your primer is dry, remove most of it by yet again sanding your car. This will leave a smooth, paint-friendly surface and fill in any gaps in car body.

When you’re ready to paint, you’ll need to either apply several thick coats, or use one coat followed by a protective gloss. In either case, you must constantly make sure the prior coats of paint or primer are completely dry and free of blemishes before you continue with the next.

Tips to Write a Flyer for Automobile Business

Are you launching a new automobile? Do you want proper promotion of the car? There is nothing better than taking the help of a club flyer for it. Promoting new products with the help of a flyer is the most inexpensive way of informing people about the product that you are launching. Nonetheless, if the people fail to understand what is written in the flyer then you will lose the attention of the customers. This is the reason you need to find out the proper and effective way of writing a flyer.

How to Write the Content of a Flyer?

Keep it Simple and Brief

The information that you are providing on the flyer should be short and simple. You have to make sure that you are including only the essential details about the product in the flyer. Include the phone number and the address on it. This way the customers would be able to contact you if they want to secure more information about the newly launched product.

Keep the Content Organized

The information that you are providing in the flyer should be placed properly. To keep it organized you can take the help of infographics, text boxes and also bullet. This makes the leaflet look tidy.

Keep a Captivating Headline

The flyer may contain all interesting information about the new product that you are about to launch. However, it might fail to capture the attention of the customer if you do not keep a catchy headline. The headline should be relevant to the product or the business. It should be interesting enough so that the readers get an idea about the product after reading it.

List the Good Points

Spend some considerable amount of time in finding out the benefits of the company or the product. Make sure that you include these points in the flyer. The flyers should be displaying the benefits properly. You should make the customers realize that your automobile is better than the others and that is why they should choose you.

Proofread the Content

Proofread the content of the flyer very thoroughly. Make sure that there is no transposed phone number or misspelled word. These kinds of fault might make the flyer useless. Even a small mistake can make the flyers lose their trust on you.

Highlight Discounts and Special Offers

When you launch a new automobile you might want to provide some discount or special offers to the customers. You should insert these offers in the flyer. Ensure that they have been highlighted properly. This will help you in securing the interest of the customers and they will eventually get in touch with you sooner or later.

Understand Your Customer

Before you print a flyer from Printing VIP, you need to do considerable amount of research on the customers. You need to find out their needs. The message as well as the tone of the flyer should be in line with the potential customers. They will not purchase the product if the flyer fails to impress them.

Different Types of Rims Available for Your Vehicle

There’s a lot more to buying rims than just the way they look. While many people purchase their rims based on style, there are actually other considerations that need to be thought of before you fork out any cash. Understanding the types of rims available will give you a better clue as to what conditions they work in best and what kind would suit your needs and preferences. Find out what rims you need by reading through this short guide.

Understanding the Types of Rims

Based on material, there are two different types of rims you can choose from. The first are steel rims and the second are alloy rims. Now, depending on how you intend to use your car, you should adapt your choice of rims accordingly.

More about Alloy Rims

Alloy wheels, aluminum ones in particular, come in a variety of styles so you can be sure that you’ll find the right one for your preference right off the bat. They can be a lot more expensive than steel wheels, but that depends on the brand you choose to buy. Aluminum wheels can also be purchased with different finishes and paint coatings, which have become popular for many car owners seeking to soup up the look of their ride.

These wheels often require more maintenance because of their intricate designs and delicate finishes. While they’re not exactly invincible against the elements, they may stand a better chance of resisting damage, especially if you take the time to clean them and maintain their quality. You can buy alloy rims at your dealership or you can buy factory replica rims online on independent websites or you can buy replica rims from larger distributors like and

More about Steel Rims

From the name itself, you can assume that steel rims are made of, well, steel. For those seeking a more pocket friendly option, the steel wheel might be right up your alley. Steel wheels are produced on a massive scale and are widely available throughout the market. While they are a lot cheaper than their alloy counterparts, steel wheels come in fewer varieties; so don’t expect to have too many options when it comes to style. What’s more, steel wheels are often used in tandem with plastic hubs to enhance aesthetic. When it comes to maintenance, steel wheels don’t require much effort. Keep in mind however that this rim option can rust and dent faster than others. If you’re using your car for occasional use and you don’t expect to be exposed to too many elements (dirt, mud, or water, for example) the steel wheel might be the choice for you.

A TO Z about Automobile Transmission

The history of automatic transmissions can be dated long back. Every car enthusiast is aware of the subtle difference between manual and automatic transmissions. The question of whether the manual or the automatic transmissions are better is a hot topic of debate. Once there was a time when the automatic transmissions were only meant for the handicapped. Now it has become a status symbol. The interesting fact is that, for a person who wants to just enjoy driving around, these terms can mean nothing. There are surely some technical differences between manual and automatic transmissions. Automatic transmissions mean more freedom for the person who drives such a vehicle. He can limit the use of his limbs to just two pedals apart from the steering wheel. Manual transmission allows you to have an over all control over your vehicle. It is better than automatic transmissions when it comes to maneuvering the vehicle through tough terrain. The automatic transmissions need much more fuel than the manual transmission and they are costly too. In the case of maintenance too they remain on the costly side.

The maintenance part about automatic transmissions has some more details to be looked into. To get it repaired perfectly you will surely need an A+ transmission specialist. But the problem is how to find one. There are a lot of automobile transmission repair centers around, but some of them are manual transmission repair centers and some are just robbing your pockets. Even though you are ready to spend any amount on automatic transmission repair, in some of the repair shops the service won’t be up to the mark and refined. They will be charging you thousands when the same work can be done by spending just hundreds. So it is better to spend some time and search out an honest and experienced A+ transmission specialist for your automobile transmission repairs.

Automatic transmissions are the most expensive part of the vehicle. So if it has some sort of trouble most of the owners won’t be going for a fresh one. They will opt to have a rebuilt transmission. In fact rebuilt transmissions are readily available in the market. What you have to do is just to look out for the providers who are having the best goodwill among them. Even an A+ transmission specialist has no negative opinion about having a rebuilt transmission. The automatic transmissions repair centers can give a clear idea about the places where you can find the best rebuilt transmissions if they don’t have such a facility. There are service providers online who does business of rebuilt transmissions online and thus adopting such a way will also be beneficial. Whatever be the way you take up to get the automobile transmissions of your vehicle done, the main thing to keep in mind is that of the quality of service you receive in return for the money you give. So look for automobile transmission repair shops around you which are having competitive pricing. This can surely save you precious time and bucks.

Transmission Repair – Some Curious Thoughts

Automobile transmission repair is a very costly affair whether it is an automatic transmissions or manual transmissions repair. For the same reason you should take special care in finding out a perfect automobile transmission repair center for your vehicle. There are some tips to cut you expense on such repairs. One way is to directly approach the automobile transmission repair shop, which can avoid the additional expense by way of cost of door to door service. Another way is to look for centers which offer competitive pricing. Through this you can be aware of the different rates for automobile transmission repairs existing in the market and to select the centre where you can have your work done without any extra cost.

The important thing to look for is the quality of service and the presence of an A+ transmission specialist in the working crew. This can make your automatic transmissions work more refined. You have to communicate with the A+ transmission specialist about the problem you have encountered in your vehicle. This could help in making diagnose of the transmission trouble easy. If you are entrusting the automobile transmission repair work with an A+ transmission specialist, it can save you money as well as time.

The internet will make the things simple for you. You can easily find an automobile transmission repair center, an A+ transmission specialist or even a rebuilt transmission online. There are even specific service providers for this in the internet. But before the selection you have to make sure that the in formations given in the net is correct. You have to convince yourself completely about the company as well as the parts about its quality. You will have to verify the methods that the company adopts for the repairs whether it is an automatic transmissions or manual transmission repair.

Make sure that they are making use of the most modern technologies and techniques. This can up to a certain extend ensure you the highest possible quality in the work. If you are opting for a rebuilt transmission then, you have to make sure that the rebuilt transmission has been checked in real conditions to ascertain its performance. Many of the companies offer guarantee for the work they have undertaken. Look for such facilities as it can provide an added confidence for you. In case of rebuilt transmission for your automatic transmissions vehicle, the quality as well as the suppliers’ reliability is very significant.

If there is anything wrong with the automatic transmissions of your vehicle, there is no need to panic now. There are many options of an automobile transmission repair shops very near to you. You just intimate them and in a matter of no time and they will be at your door steps to help you out. But even before that, you can, all by yourself, make a test of your car’s transmission problem and thus to evaluate whether it needs the service of an A+ transmission specialist. This type of a self evaluation is necessary as some of the problems can be solved by the user himself.

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Used Car

Most people understand that buying a used car is always a risky decision. There are so many things that you don’t know about the car, such as the way it’s been driven, any internal damage, or serious problems that have been hidden by the owner. You also need to make sure that all the documents of the car are in order. Tax receipts, ownership transfers, and details of the previous owners need to be properly checked and verified before purchasing the car. For somebody who has never bought a used car before, checking all of this can be a serious problem. Here is a beginner’s guide to help you buy a used car in Canberra.
Buy From a Reliable Dealership
Many dealerships put up used cars for sale in Canberra. If you want to avoid all the hassle of checking the documentation and minimise the risk of a bad purchase, buying from a reliable dealership is a great idea. Purchasing your car from a reliable dealership is a great idea, because your investment will be protected by the Fair Trading Act and the Sale of Goods Act. If you feel that the car does not meet the description that was given by the sales representative, you can file a claim for compensation or damages. Before buying and selling cars, dealerships generally run thorough checks in order to make sure that the vehicle is in a fit condition.
Do Your Research
Before you buy any used car, it is important that you do your research. For starters, what vehicle model do you wish to buy? Read about the car in order to find out about its performance, fuel consumption, and maintenance. Some cars consume a lot more fuel as compared to others. This mainly depends on your needs as well. Do you want a car that you can drive around on long distances all the time, or are you interested in a vintage model that you will use sparingly? Read reviews about owners and find out what the general opinion is in the market for that specific model.
Buying Tips
If you are buying a car from an independent party, there are many things that you need to need to check. Start with the odometer reading, as that will give you a clear idea of how much the car’s been driven. If you know a mechanic, you should take him or her along to check the internals. All cars introduced after 1996i include electrical scanning options. The mechanic will connect an OBDII scanner in order to find out any faults in the engine or any other problem in the car. Your mechanic will also check the suspension and the tires before giving you an opinion. Because of the risk involved in paying so much money for a used car, it is best to take advice and opinions from people who know a thing or two about cars, rather than make an impulse purchase.

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 – review by Autoportal

The Maruti Alto the smallest and most popular car from the Maruti Suzuki India Limited has been updated many times. During the 2010 facelift additional variants with 1 litre capacity engines have been added to the Alto called Alto K10. The Alto K10 has been refreshed in 2014.

Competitive prices

The Alto K10 is available in 5 petrol and 1 CNG variants. Maruti Alto K10 Variants are the LX, the LXi, the VXi, the VXi (O), the LXi CNG and the VXi AT. The VXi AT has Auto manual Transmission (AMT). The Alto K10 is competitively priced in the market with a price tag of Rupees 3.20 to 4.02 lakh which is less than that of the similar rivals.


Simple, but attractive body

The exterior of the Alto k10 is attractive with a large chrome grille, more rectangular air intakes, a curving bonnet towards the head lamps, flared arches, sportier bumpers and the number plate slot on the rear bumper. The Alto K10 comes in colours of Tango orange, cerulean blue, granite grey, fire brick red, silky silver and superior white.

Spacious cabins

The cabin of the Alto K10 is spacious and comfortable to accommodate 5 passengers. The features are limited for the base variants. The top variants have 1 air bag, central locking with key, frontal power windows, internally adjustable ORVMs with turn indicators and a 2 Din music system with CD/MP3 player, AM/FM radio and auxiliary and USB compatibility.

Best in class mileages

The Alto K10 is powered by a 998 cc, 67.1 bhp, 90 NM, 12V K series engine giving mileages of 24.07 kmpl in petrol and 32.26 km/kg with CNG. The car accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in 13.3 seconds and the top speed is 137 kmph.

Comfortable ride

The Alto K10 provides comfortable rides to the passengers. The suspensions are McPherson struts with torsion type roll control device at the front and the coil spring and gas filled shock absorbers with three link rigid axle and isolated trailing arm at the rear.

Braking and control

The ventilated disc and drum brake combination on the R13 wheels make the braking system perfect. The soft steering wheel helps in perfect vehicle control with a minimum turning radius of 4.6 m.

Physical dimensions

The 3545 mm long Alto K10 has a wheel base of 2360 mm and a ground clearance of 160 mm with a boot of 177 litres.

Our views

Top mileages, low maintenance costs and the availability of the AMT variant are the plus points of the Maruti Suzuki Alto K10. Better safety features like ABS, larger boots and availability of the diesel variants would have made this best city car more competitive.

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What are Smart Motorways?

Smart motorway schemes are increasingly becoming common throughout England. Previously called ‘managed motorways’ and developed by the Highways Agency, Smart motorways aim to reduce congestion and increase motorway capacity in a way that lessens construction time and cost and environmental impact by avoiding the need to build more lanes.

In England, there are three schemes that are classified as Smart motorways: Controlled Motorway, All-Lane Running, and Dynamic Hard Shoulder Running.

Controlled Motorway

The controlled motorways consist of three or even more lanes with speed limits that are variable. The Dynamic Hard Shoulder Running scheme must only be utilized in an actual emergency.

All-Lane Running

These motorways permanently utilize the hard shoulder as a traffic running lane. On April 14, 2014, eight miles of the M25 became the country’s first Smart section with traffic permanently running on a lane that had been used as a hard shoulder. A few days later, another section of the M25 opened.

Under the new running schemes, lane one is closed via verge-mounted and overhead signs like the ones provided by Ennis-Flint during an incident. On such sections, white lines (broken) between the lanes signify that every lane has the same status.

Gantry signs (overhead) show the required speed limit that varies depending on the conditions of traffic. Speed cameras are also utilized to enforce the speed limit. The overhead signs can also be utilized to close lanes, if needed. CCTV is widely used to monitor traffic. If drivers are involved in accidents or if their vehicles break down, there are emergency areas for their use.

Dynamic Hard Shoulder Running

To ease traffic congestion, the schemes entail the opening up of the hard shoulder to traffic during busy times. Developed initially in the Midlands, the scheme is now operating on various sections.

The stretches of these motorways contain white lines (solid) that make the hard shoulder different from the usual carriageway. Gantry overhead signs indicate if vehicles can pass through the hard shoulder, or not. The signs also show the required speed limit that can vary depending on the state of traffic. Speed cameras are also being utilized to enforce the varying speed limits.

In Case of Accidents

When a motorist’s car breaks down or if he is involved in a traffic incident, he must use the emergency area for refuge if the driver can safely get to one. If not possible, the driver should attempt to transfer to the verge if it is safe and if a safety barrier is not present.

In any case, one should flick on the hazard lights and get in touch with the Highways Agency through an emergency phone. If the driver’s only option is to stop in a moving traffic lane, he should switch on right away the hazard lights. If the driver is in the left and he feels he can do it, he should exit the car through the left doors and get away from the vehicle. If possible, the driver should get behind the barrier.

If the driver cannot get out of the vehicle because of the rush of traffic, he should just stay in the vehicle and dial ‘999.’ This is possible if the driver has an operating mobile phone. In any case, it is always best keep safe, maintain vehicles properly, and follow road rules in order to avoid traffic mishaps on Smart motorways.

Top 12 Auto Insurance Myths

Top Car Insurance Myths

1. The colour of the car determines insurance rate

For years, people have believed red-coloured cars to be insured at higher rates because red represents aggressiveness and driver’s tendency for speeding. However, in reality, insurance companies have no interest at all in the colour of your car, but they look into other factors.

Do not be fooled into buying cars with colours you think will cost you lesser insurance rates. What car insurance firms look for are the Make of your car, its body type, the engine size and model, the vehicle’s age, etc. Some auto insurers might also consider the car’s sticker price, its safety record and the repairing costs. Thus, if your car owns excellent safety features and gadgets to prevent theft, the insurance rates can drop significantly, but colour will never help.

2. Older cars are cheaper to insure

Since most new cars are expensive than the older ones, it is generally believed they will be costlier to insure. However, this isn’t always the case.

Auto insurance firms look for a number of factors before deciding rate, and the age of your car comes much later in the list. They are usually interested in knowing whether a car possesses modern safety features or not, because these factors directly affect the extent of damages in case of an accident. Since most new cars are now equipped with some of the best safety elements, they can cause you lower insurance rates. Older cars, on the other hand, can lack even airbags, which as a result can inflate insurance costs.

3. Soldiers pay more for insurance than civilians

This myth is a total opposite of the reality. Soldiers or any other members of military – irrespective of the branch they are associated with – receive significant degrees of discount when they apply for auto insurance and they indeed pay lesser than what we civilians normally do.

While some insurance providers grant such discounts on a phone call made to them by a soldier’s commanding officer on his behalf, others normally require documentary proof.

As a soldier, you will have to supply documents to your insurer containing your name, rank and duration of service in the military. This allows them to determine the length of time you are eligible for a discount.

Some insurance firms may offer such discounts to retired soldiers too and in some cases can even extend these concessions to his family members.

4. Insurance cost reduces significantly once the driver turns 25

Car insuranceproviders look for your driving experience rather than your age before deciding insurance rates. Though some firms may consider your age, others mostly look for the number of years you have been driving. Those mulling over age, usually do so because drivers less than 25 years of age come under risky age group where individuals have a tendency for rash driving. Companies then take into account this fact to decide how much you must pay.

However, this is a rare practice and most car insurers collect a variety of data such as driver’s driving style, experience and so on. So, do not be fooled by the myth that beyond 25 you will have to pay lesser – age rarely counts.

5. If others borrow your car, they are responsible for any accident

This is another false perception; all auto insurance policies follow your car and not the driver. If you are lending your car to a friend who crashes it into a truck, you will be held accountable for any damages. You may also be held responsible for any financial losses caused to others because of the incident – not to speak of how your premiums will be affected. So think for a while before you lend out your vehicle to somebody.

6. ‘Comprehensive’ coverage protects the driver and the vehicle fully

A comprehensive coverage never protects the driver and is an optional protection that covers specific areas and not all kinds of damages. If you are purchasing comprehensive protection, do not be fooled for receiving complete protection for your vehicle; instead this protection covers very limited incidents.

Usually, a comprehensive coverage pays for damages caused by fire, vandalism, theft, collision with animals and weather related incidents such as flooding.

7. Personal property within your car at the time of accident is covered

Any insurer will never pay you for damages caused to your personal belongings in the event of an accident. Auto insurance policies only cover damages to the vehicle itself and not any personal property lying in there at the time of accident.

For instance, if your car is broken into and your precious belongings such as laptops, mobiles phones or even cash have been stolen, your insurer will only pay for the damages caused to the car. You might have to file a claim through your tenant’s policy for such non-vehicular damages, but not through the auto insurer.

8. Insurance policy covers the business use of your car

Personal auto insurance does not protect vehicles used for business purposes even if the driver is self-employed. If you are using your car for delivering goods and fall into an accident while performing this job, your insurer may reject any claims you make.

An auto insurance policy always clearly asks if you need to insure for ‘personal/private use’. On personal auto insurance, if you claim for damages caused during a business venture, it is technically incorrect. You need to get a different business policy if you want to use your vehicle for commercial purposes; however such policies are usually expensive.

9. Since thieves prefer new cars, your old car isn’t a threat

If this is what you believe, you are mistaken. Data covered over a period of time reveals that thieves prefer older cars over newer ones for a variety of reasons.

One of the prime factors which make older cars more vulnerable to theft is the lack of safety features found in today’s modern cars. Such vehicles also contain versatile parts which are higher in demand and thus can be sold for greater rates. So, if you are thinking of not to insure your vehicle because it is too old, you need to reconsider your decision.

10. Modified cars are difficult to insure

Nothing is more difficult in this age of technology and finding the right things for yourself online is a matter of mere few clicks. People who tell you that modified cars are difficult to insure, should be ignored straightaway. There are hundreds of auto insurance providers willing to insure your modified car, but finding them needs a bit of homework. If you try a comprehensive online search or contact an insurance broker, you will know that there are several auto insurance policies out there waiting for car rebuffs like yourself.

So, have you been worried recently if or not you will be able to find a suitable insurer for your revamped car, take my word and give your car a do up. There is no dearth of hungry auto insurance providers in the market and you will always find one.

11. Credit score will not affect your insurance rates

Car insurers take a number of factors into consideration before they decide on your insurance rate and credit score is one such factor.

If you ever have been into financial planning you probably know that credit scores affect almost everything from becoming eligible for a loan to interest rates. Allow me to add another detail to this information that these scores also affect your auto insurance rates. Since credit scores are a reflection of how well you manage your finances, auto insurers will look at these numbers before determining your premium rates.

12. Faithfulness to one auto insurance company forever will result in lesser rates

This statement is partially true and is often used as a deception to force customers to stick to one car insurance company for longer. Many car insurers offer discounts to their customers for remaining faithful to them, however, these discounts do not protect them from increasing costs. In other cases, these discounts simply vanish once you make a claim and you are given no privileges for your faithfulness.

Tips & Tricks for Car Insurance

Auto insurance quotesGetting an auto insurance cover can either be expensive or cheap depending on various aspects. These include the existing auto insurance market rates, the value of your car and type of car insurance cover among other associated costs. These aspects determine the cost of the car insurance cover you take. It is always beneficial to have adequate information on car insurance tips & tricks that reduces both the cost and the risks.

Taking an auto insurance cover implies that you are protected against any possible risk stated in the policy. On the other hand, there is a cost that you incur by paying the monthly premiums for your policy. Sometimes monthly premiums can be highly expensive depending on the factors mentioned earlier. However, there are several tips and tricks that you can use to reduce this cost while maintaining the protection against possible risks.

Always consider the insurance company you engage. Each company has its own auto insurance quotes and operates on different terms. Some companies have cheap auto insurance covers while others charge high premiums on their policies. This first thing you should do is to make thorough comparison among various quotes. This ensures that you get the most suitable and economical auto insurance quote.

Decide on which type of insurance policy you want to take for your car. Obtain full information in details on each type before making the final decision. There are three main types of car insurance policies namely third party, third party, fire & theft and comprehensive. Each of the policy stated has limitation on span of coverage. Since your aim is to reduce both cost and possible risk, comprehensive can be an ideal policy for your personal car. This implies that you care for your car and the possible damage that may arise on another person in the event of an accident.

Develop a good driving history. This count a lot in determining the amount you will be paying as premiums. Clean driving history is interpreted as low risk since the possibility of involving in an accident is low. Every mess that you do on the road is noted in your license and raises the cost of the insurance premiums. In case you have bad history, get someone with clean record as your driver.

Ensure that you do not drive your car frequently. This reduces the mileage on your car consequently lowering the chances of being involved in an accident. Instead, form a habit of using public means like train or a bus. If you use your car in business trips, inform your insurer. Note that the lower the mileage the lesser the insurance premiums. This is one of the important car insurance tips & tricks that reduce the cost of insurance premiums.

Where you park your car matters a lot in determining the amount you pay as insurance premiums. It is advisable that you establish the safe place like personal or hired garage where you park your car. This reduces the possibility of risks thus lowering the rate of insurance premiums to be paid.

There are other car insurance tips & tricks that you can put in place to ensure that you pay less for maximum protection against risks. These include taking extra driving course for competence, applying for insurance bonuses among others.

What are some cheap auto insurance companies ?

The lackluster economy in recent years has forced more and more Americans to reconsider their automobile insurance policies in the name of budgetary savings. Compare cheap auto insurance companies today with our FREE comparison tool!

One of the main ways that many Americans have chosen to pursue in order to lower their car insurance rates is by choosing one of several auto insurance discount rate insurance companies. These unique companies offer bare minimum coverage to their policy hollers in exchange for rock bottom pricing. It might a risky way to go, but it’s undoubtedly the most affordable method to stay legal in a tough economy.

Some of the best cheap auto insurance companies are probably already well-known to the budget-conscious consumer, but in case there are newcomers to the discount auto insurance market out there, here are some of the best options.

Safe Auto insuranceSafe Auto Insurance Company

Perhaps the best known company for cheap car insurance, Safe Auto offers its discounted policies in sixteen states, primarily on the east coast and in the midwestern section of the country. Customers in Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina, and Virginia are eligible for the company’s rock bottom rates.

Customers in other states would be well-advised to remain vigilant and monitor the company’s website for new markets it may serve in the future. Safe Auto has been expanding its coverage to new states at a pretty fast rate in recent years.

Because Safe Auto adheres strictly to a policy of offering consumers the lowest rate on their insurance by offering them bare minimum coverage, the company’s website contains a section which details those minimum car insurance requirements on a state by state bases that summarizes the insurance laws of each state covered by Safe Auto’s policies.

This summary includes not only the bare minimum coverage amounts for consumers, but also the punishments they can face under sate law for being either uninsured or underinsured for any period of time. Compare the cheapest state car insurance for our FREE ZIP code search!

Like most insurance companies, Safe Auto offers some discounts for multiple vehicles, multiple drivers, student discounts and good grade discounts, and rewards for safe driving. However, because the company is already working with minimum coverage and offering low rates, these discounts are far more minimal than what is offered by traditional national insurers.

Esurance Online Insurance Agency

Esurance auto insuranceSafe Auto’s deeply discounted rates are great for the residents of the sixteen states it currently serves, but that leaves the majority of America still searching for ways to save on their monthly car insurance premiums. For those customers, Esurance may be available to meet their needs.

The company operates exclusively online, thus cutting many of the costs associated with maintaing a network of offline agents, agencies, and vehicle fleets. Until recently, it operated as an independent company; in mid-2011, Esurance was bought by Allstate and expanded its coverage to many of the states already served by its new parent company.

Esurance offers low rates based on their online operations, and also offers customers the option of selecting their state’s bare minimum coverage levels. This results in a net savings that may be even lower than what companies like Safe Auto can offer, as even Safe Auto maintains a network of agents and a strong real world presence.

In addition to its low rates, the company offers an extensive slate of discounts that are comparable to any more traditional, major national insurance company. These include discounts for adding multiple vehicles or drivers to the same policy, and discounts for student drivers.

Those student drivers can get even deeper discounts for maintaining a grade point average of at least 3.0. Drivers will be rewarded for a safe driving record, and for having taken a defensive driving class within the past three years. Anti-theft devices, as well as anti-lock brakes, also qualify for discounts from the online insurer.

The general car insuranceThe General Auto Insurance Company

Based in Tennessee and operating primarily in southern states, The General car insurance is very much like Safe Auto in that it offers bare minimum coverage to policy holders based on state laws regarding auto insurance requirements. Despite the recent trend in discount rate auto insurance, The General has been issuing bare minimum insurance policies to its customers since its founding in 1963, making it one of the oldest and most experienced low-rate auto insurance companies in America.

In addition to its low rates, policy holders who choose The General can receive additional discounts for a safe driving record that dates back at least five years from the time their policy was initiated or renewed. The company only offers auto insurance, so bundling auto insurance and discounts are simply not available.

There are moderate discounts available for students, multiple cars, and multiple drivers, but these discounts are less than national insurers as the company is already offering a steep discount on traditional car insurance.

Its solid reputation, well-rated customer service, and its history of more than 45 years in the discount insurance business, means that The General is likely the best choice of cash-strapepd consumers in the states that this company serves.

auto insurance quotes online Compare First, then Choose a Policy

Even though all three of these companies are in the business of offering deep discounts on car insurance to budget-conscious consumers who are looking to pay the bare minimum, the amount they charge for their respective policies will likely vary by a not-insignificant amount.

For this reason, customers who are looking for the lowest rate and the best coverage should always use online insurance quote comparison tools that can retrieve insurance quote from multiple companies using just one quote form.

Why should you get car insurance?

A car is no more a luxury but a necessity that almost every household invests in. Depending on the budget, people opt for new or second hand cars of their choice. But most people make the mistake of not buying insurance for their vehicle. The reason behind purchasing insurance is simple – your car is an asset that needs to be protected against unforeseen situations just like your home, office and life.

car insurance quotes 3

With the ever-increasing number of road accidents, your car faces a high level of risk. In the case of an accident, a motor insurance policy will safeguard you by offering to repair and replacing the damaged parts. The insurance market is flooded with innumerable policy options depending on your car type, financial constraint and requirement.

You must conduct an online search to better understand the benefits and types of policies available. Further, you can easily get online access to auto insurance quotes and purchase a policy.

Take Insurance coverage for Your Car

A plethora of corporations, immediately, present insurance coverage protection for automobiles. And due to the stiff competitors, they provide automobile insurance coverage low cost. It is advisable spare a while and put in efforts to analysis and examine the charges so that you just select the precise coverage on your car. The good thing about doing that is that you simply achieve info of varied corporations and know lots of quotes. This makes it simpler so that you can attain a choice. Throughout your analysis, you would possibly come throughout insurers from completely different nations, reminiscent of California or New Jersey, offering reductions for drivers with clear data or vehicles with security options. As an illustration, automobiles with alarms put in in them could get reductions from insurers.

Suggestions To Get Insurance coverage For Ladies Drivers

*Women, you will get it by escalating the quantity paid earlier than the insurer pays.

*Each good girl driver will preserve credit standing, as insurers have outlined a correlation between these with good credit score file and people with good driving report.

*If you happen to pay yearly as an alternative of month-to-month, you could have larger possibilities of getting a reduction. This occurs due to a slash in administrative prices.

*Purchase multiple type of protection and you’ll take pleasure in a reduction out of your insurer.

*Set up an alarm system in your automotive. This not solely decreases the danger of theft, but in addition decreases the premium, as there tends to be fewer claims with alarms at place.

*It is good to cross the superior drivers course. Insurers have a tendency to supply automotive insurance coverage low-cost if you do that, as you’re purported to be an knowledgeable driver, with lesser probabilities of getting concerned in accidents.

woman-driving-car-500*Final however not least, it is higher to drive rigorously and park in parking zones for fewer claims and possibilities of accidents. Whether or not you’ve got Florida automobile insurance coverage, Houston automotive insurance coverage, or every other, at all times adjust to driving guidelines.

It has been discovered that girls drivers make fewer claims than males drivers. However there are occasions while you become involved in an accident on account of different driver’s fault. Chances are you’ll be driving completely on the street when a reckless automotive driver hits your automobile from behind. What do you do? That is when automotive insurance coverage low cost involves your rescue.

Making Claims For Car Insurance Settlement

car insurance settlementBeing involved in a car accident is not a pleasant experience for anyone. If the injuries that you have sustained are grievous; the accident can actually shake you to the core. Added to that is the worry about the damage that your car sustains. If you have a car insurance then you can obviously make claims to your car insurance provider but it has been seen that at times settling the claims become a cumbersome affair and you need to go through a fair bit of trouble to reach a favorable settlement with your insurance provider. If you want a favorable settlement on your car insurance claim then you will face to make sure that you follow the right procedures while making the claim. You should also know how you can negotiate properly for the claim that you make. Here is some help.

For starters, when you want to negotiate a car insurance claim you will first have to send a letter of demand. The value of the claim that you are making must be mentioned in the letter; but mention the value only when you have a clear idea about it. To support your claims you will also have to furnish supporting documents like the estimate of the cost to be incurred for repairing the damages and photographic evidence of the damages. Other supporting documents might be required as well. The insurance companies have insurance adjusters who will try to counter and reduce the value that you quote in the letter of demand and if you think that you will not be able to argue with the adjuster well then you must hire an insurance lawyer. The lawyer will be able to argue your case better. However, you might need to write a second letter of demand and then take up the matter with your state’s Department Of Insurance if your claim is not granted.

General Myths Surrounding Auto Insurances

If you own a vehicle then it is absolutely necessary that you acquire auto insurance for it so that the vehicle is covered in the event of any damage, accident or loss. The importance of auto insurance cannot be undermined especially if you have availed a loan for buying the vehicle. There are certain misconceptions that majority of the people have regarding auto insurances. This article will highlight some of these myths so that you can dispel them immediately.

Myth 1: Auto insurances cover all kinds of damages that can happen to a vehicle.
This is not true because auto insurances are of many different kinds which provide cover for certain damages and not for all types of damages. No auto insurance policy can provide full coverage. You have to acquire a variety of auto insurance policies to get an almost full coverage for your vehicle.

Myth 2: Full coverage auto insurance policies will provide cover to a vehicle when it being utilized for any kind of work.
In actual fact, these full coverage insurance policies will offer protection to a vehicle only if it is used for personal purposes. You will have to buy commercial insurance policy to cover your vehicle when it is used for commercial purposes.

Myth 3: Auto insurance is costly for elderly drivers.
Well this myth is also false. Elderly drivers are given discounts for their policies because they have more experience and can avoid accidents more easily than the young drivers.

Myth 4: Military officers have to pay higher interest rates for the auto insurance .
This is another myth that needs to be dispelled because in reality military officers pay lower rates than the rates paid by any common man.

Myth 5: Auto insurance for red vehicles is costly.
Remember color of the vehicle has nothing to do with the costs of the auto insurance policies.

Everything You Need to Know About Excluding People From Auto Insurance

As one’s household grows, so too, does their auto insurance policy. While this is a pretty standard and expected occurrence, it’s important for people with an increasing number of licensed drivers under one roof to realize they have options. Should any of their family members threaten their driving reputation and quotes, policyholders have the option to remove and exclude them from their insurance plans, making auto coverage someone else’s problem and responsibility.

Requesting an Exclusion

If you’re a policyholder interested in excluding one or more individuals from your policy, then you need to contact your insurance company and/or agent. Your request will have to be in writing and might also come with additional forms and paperwork, depending on who your insurance company is. It’s also important to note that requesting an exclusion may cause your rates to increase a bit, but some view this cost as a much more affordable expense than the potential damages they might be held accountable for when the dangerous driver(s) in question get in a serious accident or have repeated traffic offenses.

Whom Should I Exclude?

Now that you know how to request an exclusion, it’s important to understand WHO to exclude. You should exclude anyone you see as high-risk, unreliable and irresponsible. Individuals who show no regard for rules and regulations and could care less what happens to your name and record in the process are other obvious options. To help make the choice easier for you, below is a list of three individuals you definitely don’t want on your policy.

Mittens, the Family Cat

While a fluffy, cute member of the family, Mittens also has a wild side with which you are all too familiar. She is open about her late-night romps with her neighborhood friends, often coming home as the sun rises. She’s practically nocturnal! Those crazy hours coupled with her sassy attitude are a recipe for disaster for you and your record, so nip this problem in the bud while you still can — before Mittens brings you down with her.

Your Six-year-old Who’s Going on Sixteen

Six-year-old Ben is your pride and joy. He’s cute and sweet, but let’s be honest — the boy is growing up too fast. Rather than run the risk of him growing up, stealing your car and running away, it’s probably best to exclude him from your policy to keep that from happening. You might not be able to stop him from physically growing, but you will darn sure try to stop him from leaving you!

The Neighbor Next Door Who Thinks He’s ALWAYS Welcome

Sure you let him borrow a cup a sugar once, but does that really warrant unannounced pop-ins or the dreaded ‘surprise I was waiting for you to get home from work’ visit? The answer is obviously no, but that doesn’t stop your too-close-for-comfort neighbor from doing just that and more. A sweet, eager individual with no concept of social norms, this neighbor is here so often you’re worried he thinks he’s actually a part of the family. While you technically shouldn’t have to cover him on your insurance, the lines that surround your whole relationship — and evidently your property— have been blurred. So, just to be on the safe side, you better exclude him. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll get really comfortable and decide to take your car for a spin and get locked up for grand theft auto — maybe then at least you’ll get to cook in peace again!

Reality Check

Obviously, these examples of potential exclusions are extreme and ridiculous, but that’s just the point. Auto insurance exclusions are a serious issue that should be treated as such. They shouldn’t be added to policies willy-nilly and on a whim, but rather after serious thought and consideration has been given to the situation. It can be a pricey and potentially lengthy process that should only be implemented after you have determined there is no other feasible option.

You should only opt to exclude drivers with repeated violations such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding or any other behavior that shows a disregard for the law. It’s also important to note that exclusions can also apply to non-related roommates. Depending on your policy and location, it might be a smart idea to exclude any irresponsible roommates you might have, should they try to drive your vehicle without permission and thus endanger your reputation and record.

We do hope you’re never presented with having to exclude a family member from your auto policy. Keep in mind, it’s only advisable when the said-driver is extremely toxic. Most of the time, excluding a single driver will only lead to higher rates for everyone involved.

You’ll know they are a real risk if they cause you to be subjected to higher rates, or worse, put you in danger of losing your coverage altogether — those are costly expenses worth the fees that come along with an exclusion.

If you are seriously considering opting for an exclusion, talk with your insurer to explore all of your options and alternatives. They should help point you in the right direction for your future.

Auto Insurance Company Ratings – Best Firms, Most Prices

Auto Insurance Company Ratings

There are a variety of factors to try to find when it pertains to auto insurance company ratings – financial toughness, customer care, and consumer satisfaction. So where do you getting these ratings?

Financial Scores

There are two companies that provide insurance firm financial ratings:

A.M. Best  rates insurance companies on their monetary stamina and their capacity to pay cases. The most safe firms have an “A” rating or much better.

Standard as well as Poors rates companies on their economic stamina and also credit history scores. Business with “A” rankings are your best bet.

Client service Ratings

The best place I have actually found for customer service rankings is Epinions . Here actual customers cover their encounters with a particular business, providing you a behind-the-scenes consider just how the company treats its consumers as well as exactly how well they pay their claims.

Client Contentment Ratings

Every state has a department of insurance internet site, and most of those websites list the consumer problems filed against insurance coverage business. The variety of problems a business has as compared to various other business offers you a respectable idea of how well it treats its clients.

If your state’s department of insurance policy does not listing business issues, you could view them at the California insurance policy web site .

Obtaining the very best Prices

Getting the best auto insurance coverage price with the most effective insurance policy company is simply a concern of comparing rates with different companies. There are insurance policy contrast sites that provide you prices from A-rated companies, and allow you to chat with an insurance professional with an on-line chat solution so you could get the answer to any kind of inquiries you may have.

Exactly how That Discover It The correct methods?

Insurance auto quotes plan is an insurance coverage protection gotten by automobile owner that protected guard his/her automobile from robbery, problem as well as different other loss endured. You could easily acquire car insurance policy plan for many of your car mobile like car, truck or bus. Vehicle insurance defense most definitely not just covers safeguarded auto as well as covered party, however times this covers 3rd events likewise. Various automobile insurance plan encounter from various expressions, requirements in addition to conditions under which, these items are covered.

insurance auto quotes

Today large types of auto insurance defense strategies are available around and that is actually really quite uphill struggle to acquire the most suitable car insurance coverage to find the guard of your vehicle.

Here are actually some reminders, which might be really used to find the greatest auto insurance policy plan to find your black boomer.

1. To find finest automobile insurance, you are looked for to make a search on your own. To begin with head to local automobile insurance coverage protection providers. Testimonial car insurance coverage quotes given through all of them. A lot of automobile insurance policy dealers possess their sites, you could go certainly there and request for vehicle insurance plan prices estimate online, if you possess an auto. Evaluation their insurance auto quotes as well as find biggest automobile insurance coverage security for your automobile. Constantly keep in thoughts that bargaining is the vital that acquire cost-effective vehicle insurance coverage.

2. After examining auto insurance policy prices estimate acquire the biggest one for you and your motor automobile. While making use of offered them particulars as a big amount as you could include your label, offer with, postal code, your marital condition, vehicle’s yearly driving to work miles as well as security associates thinking about that as default they could generate you high quotes with no certain benefits. Therefore, that persuade an inexpensive and excellent motor vehicle insurance policy regularly give comprehensive details pertaining to you as well as your motor vehicle.

3. Sometimes insurance plan companies offer particular promotions. Therefore regularly look for deals, as they can easily minimize your fee from 0 to 0.

4. Before licensing your application evaluation each and also every facet of particulars, as they could easily secure your right.

With attempting to keep these basic reminders in ideas you can locate finest automobile insurance plan.

Dependable methods to Locate Astonishing Savings On Online Automotive Insurance policy

The capacity to purchase on the internet auto insurance coverage has changed the way patient buy insurance coverage for good. Gotten are actually the days of extracting the Telephone directory, telephoning countless providers to discover quotes, standing by times to find a specific to call you back along with a quote (if they contacted you back whatsoever!), examining the insurance auto quotes, trying that find out if the plans along with deductibles coincided for all the quotes, and ultimately– purchasing a plan and also desiring this is going to be similar to your final one.

Due to the magic of on the net car insurance policy quotes, each of the above fight is not required. Each of the key vehicle insurance policy strategy corporates possesses a tool for supplying insurance auto quotes online, and also a number of evaluation websites have actually arised that permit you that immediately analyze several significant company versus one another.

The largest component is that you may easily alter your deductibles to immediately see exactly how that is visiting eventually impact your general charge. This is really the suitable ways that discover just just just how much you are actually going to invest for automobile insurance policy protection and that find out just which of the vehicle insurance policy protection providers will absolutely supply you specifically the most inexpensive of charges.

Getting your car insurance policy with the internet site is extremely hassle-free along with uncomplicated. Although that lots of insurance coverage corporates make considerably fewer funds as a result of experiencing a lot more educated person, this is really countered via the reality that these business do not shed helpful employee time refraining from doing anything however fee estimates all day long for people. You can swiftly seek price quotes, in addition to produce enhancements constantly once more, along with you are under no commitment up till you pick a strategy, and also go through the investing present.

A great deal of business have in fact even created the modern technology to allow you release out your called for insurance policy plan cards that establish in your automobile when you finish your acquisition. This minimizes the quantity of time along with difficulty of hanging around for these insurance protection memory cards that appear in the email. Some law firms are starting that give your whole entire plan as a printout, though they still need to send a kind for you that license along with blog post back.

To discover a great deal people, it is in fact essential that find the least pricey practical rates, while making particular our team choose a business that will absolutely support our company in case of a crash. It is really the utmost evaluating action. A few of the testimonial internet sites online will definitely additionally offer you with a business A.M. Very best position, tailored that offer you a reminder of the total costs of the firm you are really contrasting. Once more, this gets another part of the unpredictability of picking on the internet car insurance policy.

For all the incredible methods that acquiring online automobile insurance could conveniently save you time, cash, migraines, and frustrations, you may definitely never ever have to open up that part of the Telephone directory once more.

Understanding What Will Ruin Car Paint and How to Fix It

Damages such as oxidation or scratches can ruin car paint, and need to be repaired quickly in order to avoid a much more expensive paint job. Car paint damage can usually be repaired easily and inexpensively if it is done before the problem grows out of control. Repairing most types of paint problems and can be done in just a few hours.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • 80, 150, 300, 1,000 and 2,000 grit dry/wet sandpaper
  • Rubber or wooden sanding block
  • Bucket of water
  • Dry cloth
  • Prep solvent
  • Touch up paint to match that on your car
  • Wax and dry towels
  • Buffer machine (optional but recommended)

Step 1 – Determine the Type of Damage

Deep scratches will require the use of lower grit sandpaper to smooth away rough edges. Very minor scratches or car paint oxidation may only require wet sanding in order to remove the minor imperfections. Once you determine the extent of the damage to the paint, locate and purchase the appropriate grit types of sandpaper.

Step 2 – Remove Wax

Use a quality prep solvent that you can purchase a local auto parts store to remove wax finishes. In most cases, you simply need to dampen a dry towel with the solvent and then rub the vehicle thoroughly to remove the wax from the surface.

Step 3 – Sand the Damage

Use your sanding block and sandpaper to begin sending out the imperfections in the paint. Start with the 80 grit sandpaper and lightly sand away the clear coat finish and damaged paint. After you use the 80 grit sandpaper, there will still be some scratches that are quite noticeable. Use the 300 and 400 grit sandpaper to remove the majority of the scratches. Wet sand with 1,000 and 2,000 grit sandpaper to prepare the damaged area for touch up paint. When wet sanding, always ensure that the sandpaper never becomes dry; this may force paint particles back into the bare metal surface of the vehicle. Allow the surface to dry and dust off with a dry towel.

Step 4 – Touch up the Paint

Follow the instructions on the bottle or can of touch up paint for applying it to the vehicle. Most of the time, the touch up paint will come with an applicator brush. If it doesn’t, you can use a paper matchstick to carefully apply the paint to the scratched or damaged area.

Step 5 – Allow to Dry

Allow the touch up paint to completely dry before continuing. In most cases, you should allow the paint to dry for at least 24 hours. For the best results, allow the paint to dry a full 48 hours.

Step 6 – Apply Wax

Once the touch up paint has completely cured and dried, you can go about waxing your vehicle as you normally would. Optionally, you can use a high-speed buffer machine to buff out any very slight imperfections and better blend the touched up area with the rest of the car.

How to Fix an Auto Car Paint Scratch

If you happen to scratch your auto, car paint will usually chip away, and rust can begin to set in within a few days. Therefore, it is important to think about car paint scratch removal as soon as possible. Fixing scratches in your car’s paint is much easier than you think and you can do it within about an hour. Here is a quick how-to guide that will show you everything you need to know. You Will Need

  • Car paint pen or touch up paint kit
  • 80,320 and 1000 Grit Sandpaper
  • Soap and Water
  • Dry Towels
  • Car Wax

Step 1 – Clean the Scratched Area

Use soap and water to wash the scratched surface area of the vehicle. Use a scouring pad to remove wax or clear-coat that may be built up over the scratched area so it is easier to apply the touch up paint. Allow the vehicle to dry.

Step 2 – Sand the Affected Area

The depth of the scratch in your car’s paint will determine the grit of sandpaper you would need to use on the vehicle. If the scratch is very deep, you can use a lower grit sandpaper such as 80 or 120. For finer scratches, you may want to begin with a 320 grit sandpaper and work up to higher grit levels. Attempt to sand the scratched area as smooth as possible and finish up the wet sanding with a 1000 grit piece of sandpaper. Keep the sandpaper wet while you are wet sanding. Then, wipe away excess debris and water with a clean towel.

Step 3 – Use a Stencil to Tape Off the Scratch

Make a stencil to use for painting the scratched surface of your car. Take a piece of paper and cut a hole that is just a little larger than the scratch itself and then used tape to secure the piece of paper to the car. Only the scratch should show through the hole. This will help you avoid making a mess when you’re using the touch up paint.

Step 4 – Purchase Correct Touch-up Paint

Look under the windshield (over the driver’s side dash) and record your vehicles VIN number. Then, take the VIN number to your local car dealership and purchase a touch-up paint that will match your vehicle.

Step 5 – Touch Up the Paint

Use the small applicator brush that comes with the touch-up paint or a paper matchstick to carefully apply the paint to the scratched area. Try to only fill in the scratch itself and avoid getting too much paint on either side of the scratch. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 6 – Lightly Sand Scratched Area

Wet sand again with 1000 grit sandpaper. This time sand very lightly. You only want to remove the gloss on the first coat of touch up paint and not the paint itself.

Step 7 – Apply Second Coat of Paint

Apply another coat of touch of paint to the vehicle. Allow the paint to dry for 24 to 48 hours before waxing.

Step 8 – Wax the Car

After the paint has completely dried, wash and wax your vehicle as you normally would.

The 15 Best Spray Paint Brands Available In America

15. Krylon

To be frank; today’s Krylon Multi Purpose aerosol spray paint covers poorly. 15 years ago; Krylon would have made #2 on this list. Over the years, instead of catering to artists, the Sherwin-Williams company (Krylon’s parent company) decided to shun the Street art community and cater to D.I.Y.‘ers and craft enthusiasts, and they even have created a program called ”Graffiti Hurts”. Graffiti Hurts is a graffiti abatement program which encourages working with police to stop illegal art before it happens, and is “designed to address the growing graffiti problem in urban areas and small towns”. A few years back, Krylon changed its valve system to a male valve rendering the spray far less controlled and less clean overall.

Krylon retails for around $3.99 per can at Walmart (price varies per store) and is still widely available in many Paint & Hardware Stores across the United States. If Krylon is all that you have; it can get your message across, however it is not even in the same ballpark of what it used to be.
14. Plutonium

Both Jerry’s Artarama and the Canadian site Curry’s, each recommended on the Plutonium Paint website as the major American and Canadian retailers, list the price as $12.99 per can. I managed to get a couple of cans “on sale” for 9.79 each–shipping not included! Plutonium is the brand on this list that I am the least familiar with, and I have to say, it actually seems like a really good paint. It smells refreshingly nice and it covers remarkably well. Plutonium is a nice and thick, environmentally friendly, American-made spray paint. It also has a ”Anti-Gravity Valve” that ensure the ability to spray paint from the can from any angle. But while keeping the price point in mind, the limited color range, and the fact that only Plutonium caps seemed to work with the paint ( .75 cents each), your money or your racking ability are most certainly better spent on any other brand of paint on this list.
13. Kobra

The unfortunate thing about Kobra is that it is really not readily available in America. The Kobra website does not list an American distributor, however I found a limited stock at AllCity, but unfortunately the good folks there seem to be busy promoting their own house brand. The valve on Kobra cans is real nice and soft, and the matte paint dries super fast. Kobra is a mid-grade designer spray paint. It has a middle range pressure system, but unfortunately it also casts a bit of undesired overspray with typical caps. All things considered; Kobra seems like a really good subway train paint. Unfortunately, that is not the typical use for the average American artist. Hopefully one day soon Kobra spray can make a few slight upgrades and increase it’s American presence and better challenge the middle slots of this list.
12. All City

All City brand spray paint is a promising new brand made by the LA Underground Hip-Hop shop in Albuquerque, NM. All City is available in 43 colors in both glossy and matte finishes, which is pretty awesome because the difference between the sheen makes the brand seem like it has double the amount of colors. All City 11 oz. cans retail for $3.99 each plus shipping. The cans feature a low-pressure smooth valve system just short of Ironlak cans. All City is starting to slowly expand with 2 new stores and new colors promised soon.
11. Evolve

Evolve Spray Paint is very similar to All City paint only its significantly more established with a top-notch sponsored demonstration team, and 87 vibrant colors. Evolve Spray Paint is flat finished and it retails for $4.00 plus shipping and handling at the 004 Connec website. Like the All City brand, Evolve is also a spray paint that is manufactured in China, and like the All City brand; it seems a bit less “evolved” than the original Chinese paint; Ironlak. With that being said, Evolve is a very decent, reliable paint, and its available for a fair price.
10. Flame

Flame spray paint is the brand new Chinese manufactured spray paint line from Molotow. Flame is only available in 40 gloss colors currently, and it retails for $4.49 per can plus shipping and handling at Art Primo. The price of Flame is slightly more than that of it’s competitors in the “Ironlak-knock-off” race, but it is the brand that seems to be the most overall similar to Ironlak. Molotow is well versed in the intricacies of making spray paint, so it will be interesting to see how this brand develops moving forward.
9. Clash / Beat

Clash and Beat spray paints are made by the same company in Italy but for two different purposes under two different labels. Clash is a medium pressure, highly opaque paint line and Beat is a low pressure line, both are available in 130 colors, and both use the standard European valve system. Both spray paints are designed for graffiti and graffiti art, but they come with a stock tip that is not up to today’s cap quality standards.

Clash seems like the better over-all brand of the two, Its an all-around paint that in some ways feels like a cheap MTN that dries a bit quicker but its nowhere near as sophisticated. Just as a heads-up; Clash has this annoying ring that gets in the way of painting sometimes and is quite hard to remove. Clash retails for $4.75 before shipping, and its available at 004 Connec.

Beat paint is very thick and it is a low pressure spray; but those two characteristics do not necessarily equate to opaque and quality lines. Its retails for $5.95 plus… you guessed it: shipping! Clash is available at
8. Sabotaz

Sabotaz 80 is a good quality spray paint at an affordable price. When Sabotaz was first imported into America some years back, it was a crappy spray paint that would have had trouble making this list. Cosmos Lac; Sabotaz’s parent company continues make upgrades on the spray’s formula. A new brand of Sabotaz 80 called Sigma 80 should make it to the States by late summer. Initial tests have Cosmos Lac and their artists hailing Sigma as good as or better than MTN 94, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Meanwhile, as far as the quality of the current Sabotaz spray paint goes; If Molotow’s Belton and German Montana brand spray paints had a baby, Sabotaz would be the “Walgreens” generic brand located on the same shelf. Possible side effects may include occasional flaking on certain surfaces.
Sabotaz comes in 120 colors and is available in a matte finish. Oinkartltd is the official distributer of Sabotaz in the United States, but it appears as though Oink is currently out of stock. It usually sells for around $4.00 a can.
7. Kilz

Kilz White Primer Sealer Stain-blocker Spray Paint is quite possibly the single best spray paint on this list. Unfortunately, It only comes in one color; White. If you are out illegally bombing and regularly using something other than Kilz to fill in; your either toy, privileged, or you have already done financially made it!
6. Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint is a new American matte finish brand, the brainchild of Oink Art. The viscosity of Fresh Paint is nearly identical to that of Ironlak and all of the look alike brands, although Fresh paint currently has a much more limited color chart. Upon initial results, fresh paint colors seem to hold up longer than Ironlak, but only after more time passage and proof can it be said with certainty. However the #1 selling point of the young Fresh Paint brand is its $2.95 price, making it by far the cheapest of the quality spray paints available in America.
5. Rustoleum

Rustoleum is still a pretty damn good spray paint. It holds up on freight trains for a really long time, its great for bombing, and if your the criminal minded type; it’s free. If, by chance, you feel the need to be told how Rustoleum could possibly be free or where one could find Rustoleum; please stop reading this, seriously.

A few years back, Rusto’ switched their caps to an all-male system, and most of the older cans that were still in stores have been swooped up by the cool rap-letter sprayers. In other words, Rustoleum is a bit less customizable without the use of a separate cap adaptor; available here.
4. Ironlak

Ironlak is the premier Chinese made, very high pigment paint. The paint is thick and its reasonably priced. Ironlak has some of the World’s greatest artists on their sponsorship team.

Back when Ironlak debuted, it was the cutting edge of Graffiti technology. In the time since, many companies have tried to imitate them and yet Ironlak is still the king of Chinese paint for now. ‘Lak has unprecedented cap compatibilities and an awesome valve. The colors are screaming vibrant and the black and the white cans are unbelievably good. However, the valve, and the thickness of the paint does tend to clog caps and cans on occasion.

In the past couple of years, Ironlak has begun to drip ever so slightly. It is note-worthy, because originally you could spray Ironlak at the same spot on a wall for a real-time 20 seconds and the pigments would just build-up in that one spot with zero drips at all. Also personally; I can’t stand the dodgy vanilla scent, but its just a matter of preference, and some artists absolutely love it.

Ironlak is made for graffiti and art, and it is awesome spray paint. Ironlak’s only real flaw is certain color’s tendency to fade in a short period of time.
3. Belton / Molotow

Molotow’s Belton brand spray is one of best paints there is. Many writers and artists consider it the best. Made in Germany, with the help of artists, Belton set the standard for it’s pressure sensitive valve system. Belton also has some of the highest grade pigment making the paint completely opaque, consistent, and vibrant. The Premium line is low pressure and contains more than 251 colors making it the largest color scale available in an individual spray paint brand. Belton also has an “Action-line” of high-pressure paint, which is the premier bombing paint of it’s kind.

The Molotow website describes the High pressure line as “smooth,high coverage and fat! These products are dedicated to fulfill huge surfaces in a fast way.” I couldn’t have written it better. Unfortunately, Belton is not widely available, and it is rather expensive at $5.95 plus shipping from Art Primo.
2. MTN

The original Montana a.k.a. Spanish Montana; or MTN is as good as spray paint gets and is the premier spray paint brand for solid quick coverage. The Hardcore line is a nice consistent high pressure gloss finish, and its available in a wide selection of vibrant colors. “Hardcore 2” is highly anticipated and it is soon to hit the American market, promising to be a quicker drying, high gloss, and high pressure line with 88 total colors, 45 of which are new to the MTN brand.

MTN’s 94 line available in 147 colors, is the perfect compliment to the Hardcore line with it’s lowered pressure, matte finish, and the 9 step chromatic color gradations. If I had to “pick the fly-shit out of pepper”; the only drawback to the 94 brand is it’s tendency to leave a very slight overspray on clean lines.

The MTN Colors site took me to this site to shop—but the prices are incredibly expensive. I usually am able to score MTN for around $4-5 dollars per can. For the price and its premium quick quality effectiveness the MTN lines are definitely one of the two best spray paints readily available in America today.
1. Montana

Montana spray paint is the best paint in the world. Montana is the winner of a close race; the price points keep MTN right there neck and neck to the end, but Montana Black and Gold spray paints are without a doubt the top dogs, the finest spray paint available. Montana is a super opaque lacquer spray paint with excellent fade and line capabilities. Its widely available for a wide range of pricing. ere’s even a budget White line Montana brand, but that’s not what pushed Montana to the top of this list. MacPherson’s lists the Gold line at an unbelievably high price ($10.00+), but it is possible to get a much better deal if you look and ask around. Both Gold and Black are weather-proof paints that function in any weather.

The Gold Montana is a low pressure, quick drying, high end spray paint. Gold Montana comes in 204 eye popping colors and offers outstanding line quality.

Montana Black is a 136 color high pressure line from Montana. Its very low-scented, rapid drying, and its perfect for applying paint quickly and consistently. The only bad thing I can say about “German” Montana other than the price is that you really have to shake it well, and I mean well, as in; “I think I have tennis elbow” well. Now go get some of these paints and try them out for yourself!

Finding Honest Repair Shops

Finding Honest Repair Shops

As a professional mechanic I have some pride in what I do and it is important to me to be able to do a good job as inexpensively and quickly as possible. However, I don’t sacrifice quality for speed; I want to do the job right the first time. This makes me happy and most important it makes my customers happy. There is a saying in my business and sometimes it’s all too true, “There’s never enough time to do the job right the first time, but there’s always enough time to do it right the second time.”
If one of my customers has to bring back his car because I did something something wrong, that hurts my pride and it tarnishes my image. Worst of all, the next time he needs a repair or service he might not bring it back to me. That hurts my business.

I ran a poll with the question: “Do you trust your mechanic?” And I was surprised to see that 46% of those who responded said no, they don’t. This got me to thinking, if you don’t trust your mechanic, why do you bring your car back to him? If you didn’t trust your doctor, you would find another doctor. Your mechanic is very much like your doctor. He has to diagnose and treat your car. In fact if you want to take it a step further your mechanic has to be better than your doctor because your car can’t tell him where it hurts.

Over the years I have built a relationship with my customers. I know them almost as well as I know my own family. I know where and what hours they work, I know what time their kids have to be at practice and when they take their vacations.

I even know what they grow in their gardens. You can’t build this kind of relationship if you think of them as “the ’92 Ford” or “the ’89 Chrysler.” My customers are important to me, not only because they provide me my livelihood, but also because they are people and most of them are my friends.

Everybody wants to work with a mechanic they can trust. Finding one can be difficult but there are some simple steps you can take to find a reputable and highly skilled auto care technician. Doing a little homework will not only save you money, but you will find a mechanic you can trust and one the will give you peace of mind.

1 Shop around for an auto care facility before you need repairs. Having to find a shop when your car is on the back of a flatbed is not a good time to find a quality shop. With the average cost of a new vehicle exceeding $20,000, you will probably be driving you car longer. Basic automobile maintenance is the best way to keep your car running smoothly and avoid costly repairs.

2 Ask the shop for references and follow up with calls to them. You don’t walk into a new doctors office cold, you want to know how good he is first. Physicians always provide a list of references to prospective new patients, and your “car doctor” should be just as forthcoming. Don’t be afraid to ask for references. A few minutes on the phone goes a long way to ensuring you get the quality car repairs you need.

3 Ask family, friends, and co-workers to recommend a reputable shop. Personal recommendations account for 60% of all car-buying decisions. This same method should be used to find a quality care center. Most of my new customers come in on a recommendation from another of my customers.

4 Call your local Better Business Bureau and check a shops reliability and performance before you have repairs done.

5 There is an old saying; “Quality is not expensive, it’s priceless.” This is true when looking for a shop. Don’t shop for price alone. It’s important to remember that you’re not just paying for the cost of the part and the time it takes to install it, but you’re also paying for the professionalism and technical expertise of the technician.

6 If you do a lot of traveling, look for a shop that is backed by a national warranty program. Such warranties cover both parts and labor for 12 months or 12,000 miles.

7 Look for signs that the shop has the equipment needed to properly diagnose your car’s problems. Nearly all cars built since the early 80’s have computer-controlled systems designed to increase engine efficiency, reduce emissions and aid in engine troubleshooting. If a shop doesn’t have the proper equipment to diagnose your car, you may be taking a risk by having it repaired there.

8 Look for a repair facility that employs ASE-certified technicians. It is not generally known that automotive technicians must undergo training and testing every five years to maintain their ASE certification. The ASE symbol is prominently displayed by repair facilities that employ these highly skilled auto care professionals.

Car Repair – Car Repair in the Event of Flood Damage

If the engine is running at high revs and (or) the flood is very deep the engine will hydraulic; this means that following the induction of water on the compression stroke, the engine will lock up as water cannot be compressed.

Occasionally, this will cause further issues such as bent con-rods, the risk of which increases if the driver then attempts to crank or start the engine.

If mechanical damage such as this occurs then it isn’t a problem that can be repaired roadside.


1. Never Crank the engine. This can easily cause more expensive damage.

2. Remove all induction components i.e. air filter box, air metering devices and all air ducting and disconnect injectors (electrically)

3. Remove Spark Plugs (Petrol engines) or Glow Plugs (Diesel engines)

4. Dismantle as required to allow water to escape from throttle body and inlet manifold.

5. Reverse step 4

6. Crank engine by hand to check timing

7. Crank engine with throttle pedal fully depressed until all water is ejected; but beware of high pressure water being ejected from combustion chambers. Reconnect Injectors
8. Re-fit one spark or glow plug and crank again. The engine should “cough”.

9. Re-fit second spark or glow plug and crank again. The engine will “cough” and may even run.

10. Re-fit third spark or glow plug and crank again. The engine will probably run.

11. Re-fit the fourth plug and crank again. The engine should run.

12. Ensure all induction components are dry and re-fit using a NEW air filter.

13. Start engine. It should run normally if the engine hunts (faltering revs) the air flow sensor is suspect.

14. Change the oil and oil filter. Mil light may be on so code clearing may be required.

15. Sell the car quickly!

For five, six and eight cylinder engines, the process is the same just repeated for each cylinder.

Repairs and Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

There are lots of auto repair and auto maintenance tasks that you can do yourself with little experience and simple tools. Troubleshooting will lead you to a repair that you can do yourself to save money and time. This list of DIY repairs and important maintenance tips will really help to keep your car in top shape, avoiding costly repairs later.
Regular Maintenance

There’s nothing more important than regular maintenance to keep your car out of the repair shop. It may seem like a waste of time to constantly perform maintenance tasks on your car, but the money you save by keeping your car’s systems operating well is worth the effort. Regular maintenance is more than changing oil, and there are different maintenance tasks for different seasons. Be sure you’re up to speed and up to date.
Easy Fixes

If you’re a beginner at auto repair, these are some easy tasks to start out with. All of these repairs come up from time to time, and if you can do it yourself, you’ll save time and money, and gain experience in auto repair. Next time, you’ll be ready to tackle serious repairs.
Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs make up a large percentage of automotive fixes. Much of your car is electric or electronic. Knowing how to make some of these electrical repairs on your own can be very helpful. Not only will you be able to fix electrical problems, you’ll be able to troubleshoot other issues that are related to your electrical system in some way.
Advanced Repairs

These automotive repairs are for DIY mechanics who are comfortable working on their cars and have enough experience and tools to tackle advanced repair jobs. If you haven’t completed some easy stuff yet, you should brush up to be sure you are up to these tasks.

There are lots of auto repair and auto maintenance tasks that you can do yourself with little experience and simple tools. Troubleshooting will lead you to a repair that you can do yourself to save money and time. This list of DIY repairs and important maintenance tips will really help to keep your car in top shape, avoiding costly repairs later.
Regular Maintenance

There’s nothing more important than regular maintenance to keep your car out of the repair shop. It may seem like a waste of time to constantly perform maintenance tasks on your car, but the money you save by keeping your car’s systems operating well is worth the effort. Regular maintenance is more than changing oil, and there are different maintenance tasks for different seasons. Be sure you’re up to speed and up to date.
Easy Fixes

If you’re a beginner at auto repair, these are some easy tasks to start out with. All of these repairs come up from time to time, and if you can do it yourself, you’ll save time and money, and gain experience in auto repair. Next time, you’ll be ready to tackle serious repairs.
Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs make up a large percentage of automotive fixes. Much of your car is electric or electronic. Knowing how to make some of these electrical repairs on your own can be very helpful. Not only will you be able to fix electrical problems, you’ll be able to troubleshoot other issues that are related to your electrical system in some way.
Advanced Repairs

These automotive repairs are for DIY mechanics who are comfortable working on their cars and have enough experience and tools to tackle advanced repair jobs. If you haven’t completed some easy stuff yet, you should brush up to be sure you are up to these tasks.

Auto Repair and Troubleshooting Reference Information and Specs

It can be difficult to make your own auto repairs if you don’t have access to definitions, statistics, specifications and other vital information that is referenced often in how-to articles on auto repair and auto troubleshooting. If you need a description for air conditioning, fuel injection, your cooling system or ignition, we’ll help you out with that.
Tools and Terminology

Trying to make sense of a troubleshooting tip or a DIY auto repair how-to guide can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the lingo. It’s important to have a resource available to help you understand how to use specialized automotive tools or help you understand how parts of an automotive system come together to make that giant bag of bolts into something you can drive to work.
Tools and Terminology

Trying to make sense of a troubleshooting tip or a DIY auto repair how-to guide can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the lingo. It’s important to have a resource available to help you understand how to use specialized automotive tools or help you understand how parts of an automotive system come together to make that giant bag of bolts into something you can drive to work.
OBD and OBD-II Diagnostics

Modern cars have computer systems that do their own troubleshooting. These systems are referred to as OBD or On Board Diagnostics. When something is awry, the system will make a note of the error and store it in the computer for a technician (or you) to retrieve later. These error codes can be invaluable in trying to troubleshoot a problem your car is having. The OBD system can be overwhelming, but once you’re familiar with it you’ll be happy to have the information handy.
Dealing With Your Mechanic

Sometimes you have to break down and resort to the repair shop. Not every repair job is a DIY job, and you should only attempt a repair that you feel confident you can complete safely and successfully. When you have to take your car to a mechanic, it’s important to know how to properly communicate and protect yourself. The more you know about your car and what to expect at the repair shop, the better armed you’ll be to get your car fixed right the first time, at a good price, with absolutely no chance of being ripped off.

How To Check A Used Car For Transmission Problems Before You Buy It

The first most importantly thing to do is ask the salesperson for the used car history records. By doing this procedure may save you some time and money. If the used car history report shows that the car in fact was a rental vehicle or has been involved in an accident, there is no point to even looking at it any further recommended. Ask the previous owner or salesperson if any repair has been done to the transmission. If the automatic transmission has already been rebuilt, abstain from buying the car. By saying that… not suggesting that all rebuilt transmissions will have problems but in some cases they work even better than before. The problem is that not all transmission shops can do equally the same high quality job. And since there is no way to verify if it was rebuilt properly or not, it’s better not to take chances. Another thing to be concern about is, ask if the used car you are looking to buy was not used for any towing purposes. Many vehicles that have a towed history like an example towing a trailer. Have much greater risk of having a worn out transmission because of the use for towing that can put a sustainable amount of strain on the transmission over time.

How To Check A Automatic Transmission

You should first get started by checking the transmission fluid level and condition.
With the engine idling, transmission in “Park” (some cars may have different procedures, refer to owner’s manual if needed) remove the automatic transmission dipstick and wipe it off with a clean cloth. Then insert it back in and pull it out again. Check the fluid level, low level may indicate a transmission leak. Pay close attention at the fluid very closely. It helps to drip the fluid on a white paper towel to be able to see fluid condition. The fluid on the paper towel should be clean and transparent, without any metal filings or black flakes. New fluid usually comes out red. Over the time in use it become more of a brownish of color, but it shouldn’t be black.
Try to smell the fluid. It should not have a burnt smell.
It may seem to be difficult to tell at first, but after you check a few similar cars, you’ll be able to pin point the difference with ease.
If you discover that the transmission fluid is too dirty or black, or smells burnt, avoid buying such a car.
Keep in mind, however, that some modern cars simply don’t have the transmission dipstick and require special procedures performed in a shop to check the fluid level. In this case, the only way to check it is by doing a test drive.

Automatic Transmission Indications Of Possible Transmission Problems Overview

One of the indications of a transmission problem is delayed engagement, when there is a long delay between the moment you shift the shifter into “D” (Drive) or “R” (Reverse) and the moment the transmission kicks in.
It’s easier to note delayed engagement after a car was sitting for a while: With the transmission in “P” (Park) start the engine, and wait until the engine rpm has reduced to normal level (650 – 850 rpm).
With your foot holding down the brake pedal, shift to the “D” (Drive) position. Almost immediately the transmission should engage – it feels like the car wants to creep forward. This should happen very smoothly, without a strong jerk or clunk.
Shift to “N” (Neutral), and the transmission should disengage. Now, still holding the brakes, shift to the “R” (Reverse) position. Again, the transmission kicks in almost immediately – you will feel the car wants to creep backward. This also should be very smooth, without a jerk or clunk.
Now, still holding the brake pedal down, try to shift from D to R and back. There should be no strong jerk or clunk.
If there is a notable long delay (more than 1 seconds) between the moment you shift and the moment the transmission kicks in, such a transmission might be either too worn or has some problem.
If you feel a strong jerk or clunk while shifting, the car may have a transmission problem, avoid such a car.

Now it’s time to test drive the car.

With the shifter in “D” (Drive) position drive gently, with smooth and gradual acceleration. Until the vehicle reaches a speed of 30-37 mph (50-60 km/h) or you should feel the gears shifting at least twice (from first to second, and from second to third gear).

All shifts should be done very smoothly, without jerks or slipping.
You should be able to feel when the transmission shifts by the slight change in the engine tone or change in engine rpm. If the transmission is severely worn it may shift with quite a strong jerk, shudder or a delay (especially from first to second gear).
Driving at a speed of 25-30 mph (40-50 km/h) if you press down the accelerator pedal for a few seconds, you should feel downshifting to the lower gear, if the automatic transmission works properly.

The next step: check overdrive.

While driving at 60-70 km/h or 35-45 mph on a level road, without using the accelerator, switch overdrive ON. You should feel an up shifting to the next speed. Switch it to “OFF,” and you should feel a downshifting.
Another thing to watch out for that may indicate the transmission has a problem is the slipping. When the transmission is excessively worn it may slip – which means you press the accelerator, the engine rpm increases but the speed remains the same.

While during a test drive you feel any problems such as the transmission seems to be slipping or shifts with a jerk or shudder or if the transmission got stuck in some gear, or has trouble shifting into a particular gear (for example, from second to third), You should avoid buying such a car.
Always try to test drive the car as long as possible. Often the transmission may work well when it’s cold but when it’s warmed up it starts giving troubles or vice versa. So, it is better to spend more time checking the transmission thoroughly than later repairing it at your expense. Normally there should be no shudder, no noises or any kind of strong jerks at any speed and at any engine temperatures while any shifting is going on. If the salesperson tells you that the jerks or shudder or any other abnormal transmission behavior is “normal” for this car or it’s just because the car is cold or anything alike…, don’t trust them. If the “check engine” and, or a flashing overdrive light comes on while driving, have the vehicle inspected with a certified mechanic before buying a vehicle.

How To Check A Manual Transmission

You should first check for oil leaks. There should absolutely not be any leaks.

Now, shift the transmission lever into neutral. Apply the parking brake. With the engine idling, press the clutch pedal all the way, hold it down, and listen for noises. Then release the pedal and listen for noises again. There should be no loud noises at either positions.
The next step will be to take the car for a test drive.
Try to drive the vehicle at different speeds in all gears, one by one. Every gear should shift smoothly and easily without any noises or jerks. While driving at the second or third gear, try to press down sharply on the accelerator pedal for an instance. The clutch should not slip.
If you feel any slipping (example like… the engine rpm increases but the speed remains the same), then the clutch most likely has to be replaced.
Try to drive with acceleration and deceleration there should be no grinding, whining or humming noise under any condition circumstances. All the gears should shift easily and noiselessly free.

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Exotic Luxury Cars & Classic Sports Car Dealers

They inspire a legion of car enthusiasts to empty their wallets for a taste of life in the fast lane. Featured in high-profile movies and television shows like “Back to the Future” and “Knight Rider,” and among the favourite collectibles of personalities like Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld. Any guesses what is our topic of discussion?

Yes, you have guessed it right we are speaking of Exotic Luxury Cars & Classic Sports Cars. Are you seeking the acquisition or sale of a special interest auto, with plans to either Buy Sports Car or Sell Exotic Cars or devote in Classic Car Investment of any form? You have zoomed in at the most apt place.

Established in 2009, Luxury Brokers International Ltd. was established to usher in a new generation of collector car sales and Auto Brokerage and many other related services. Whether you are seeking the acquisition or sale of a special interest auto we approach each transaction diligently, with focus to not only vigorously work on our clients behalf, but to do it in a manner that emphasizes accuracy, efficiency, and professionalism in a process that goes above and beyond the expectations of all parties involved.

We work with following in mind:

Market Analysis: As with any investment, market conditions and their prospective outcome can easily decide a good investment from a bad one. We have an in-depth understanding of market fluctuation in the collector car hobby, so much in fact it is applied to every buying or selling situation that we facilitate. This way you can make a solid investment to enjoy for years to come.

Honesty: We emphasize on our dedication to being the buyers advocate. As the new generation of Car Brokers in an effort to benchmark service without cutting corners we have made it a promise to our clients to fully evaluate all aspects of every transaction.

Protection of Financial Interest: Monetary protection becomes paramount in any transaction no matter the item. Your financial interest is maintained through our due-diligence and protected by handling any and all funds through a secure means, while always keeping you up to date on the transaction.

Full Service Process: We make it a point to provide a hassle free process; where by initial investigation, pre-purchase inspection, negotiations, related paperwork, transfer of monies, logistics, and post purchase car care are all performed by us. This ensures there is consistency and efficiency in the transaction and ultimately our clients total satisfaction.

If you are interested to know more about Classic Sports Car Dealers, please search our site for more in-depth information and resources.

Benefits Of Restoring Classic Or Antique Cars

Antique car restoration involves reviving the look and efficiency of a vehicle to regain its original appeal. However, several people tend to confuse between restoring a classic vehicle and customizing the automotive. The act of customizing the car implies adding or even modifying the parts of the car such that it appears new. In car restoration, it is crucial to replace the particular parts with parts of similar kind specific to the vehicle. For some it may look like a pile of rusted metal however it works amazingly to create an absolutely new automotive. Also, anyone associated with car restoration will agree that they like working on such project not for the money but simply because they love doing it. Palm Beach customs specialize in restoring cars of absolutely any kind with expertise in providing the sheen back to old classic or antique cars. The structure they build on wheels is fascinating which showcases the glory of giving new life to an old classic.

Every owner is proud of having an antique or vintage car. With such cars allow you to display your style and class. Antique cars can withstand external abrasions with proper maintenance. It becomes an obligation of a classic car owner to ensure that the vehicle is restored as well as maintained properly. A restoration work of this kind improves the appearance and efficiency of the automotive. A quality car is certainly a reason of pride and joy for the owner. For this very reason, car restoration is a fantastic process which restores the look of the car to its original state. When you hire professional services, you get to avail the benefits of antique car restoration, repair and maintenance works. At Palm Beach customs, there is also the provision to acquire custom designs for automotive and vehicle accessories to provide a stunning look for your car.

Car restoration can be affected by various aspects. Factors like the amount of work required, the styling shape as well as the design that needs to be worked on, all play a significant role in the process. The restoration costs entirely depend on the labor applied and the use of various parts. You can simply choose the amount of work to be conducted depending on the money that you can spend on getting the car restored. This also includes any kind of customization that you would want to avail as well. The good thing about doing the task yourself is that the expenditure gets reduced on the labor. But there are some services that require the expertise of a professional for such kind of projects.

Palm Beach customs professionals are trained to conduct these restoration works on classic or antique cars. They also provide services like applying spayon bedliners on the truck so that the cargo does not spoil the truck paint. They also provide collision repair services which can damage the external surface as well as the internal parts of the car massively. The specialists work on big musclecars as well which are quite popular in United States. Any proper car restoration service provider will feature images of the projects that have worked for customers to get a glimpse of their skills and expertise in the field. The website of Palm Beach customs showcases an enormous gallery of pictures of the vehicles that they have worked upon and restored. There is also the provision of connecting with the company on social networking platforms so you can communicate and acquire an insight into their services.


Classic And Advanced Auto Repair In Leduc

The Leduc is an important city of Alberta, Canada. The dwellers of this city have many self-driven cars and classic cars for their transportation needs within the city and for external use. The maintenance arising out of car usage is also an important to do efficient service at Leduc Auto Repairs. This is also applicable for the classic car users. To cater the needs of such vintage or classic cars there are Classic Car repairs Leduc, who are expert in servicing the old cars or the classic cars. One may not worry about auto repair in Leduc, since professional auto repair service are here to cater the needs of conventional cars and classic cars.

Regular Car Maintenance
The daily usage of cars needs regular checkups for not get trouble on the roads and making uncomfortable to others. Many professional Leduc Auto Repairs in the city do the auto repair works with the state of the art technology. The most important feature of this city is there are pioneers to repair the Classic Car repairs Leduc making more comfortable to the Leduc classic car owners. Since, owning a classic car is more than a pride and prestige in Canada for its owners. That why there are many vintage cars show organized in Canada for its popularity and users available here for such cars.

Inspection and Estimate
When you call their service for inspection of your vehicle, they will inform the right mechanics that are to be undergone repair. The Leduc Auto Repairs in all types of car and even they can inspect your Classic Car repairs Leduc. The staff who inspect the vehicle is having years of experience and they can provide you the correct estimates of repair works needed for your car.

Crafted Car Repair Works
The Leduc Auto Repairs are having the state of art technology to operate on your cars. There is no manual works to carry. In this way, they maintain a crash and dent free maintenance work of your car. They see that nuts, screws and bolts to sit properly with screw tightening machine and not to be worried for any loose tightening. They have pressurized equipments to lift your car and do service at comfortable heights. The cleaning is also through pressurized water cleaners.

Timely Delivery
When you book them for Classic Car repairs Leduc, they can say at what time your classic car will be ready. Since, the classic car needs more care than the conventional cars that are service at Leduc Auto Repairs. The conventional and latest care is also repair and timely delivered as promised by them. This kind of timely delivery with perfection is what they guarantee you. All repair works are only avail with experts, in the auto repair in Leduc City. They are always committed to their customer and handle their car very carefully. They also show the changed parts to the car owners. In this way, they do the Leduc Auto Repairs with perfection.

Avoid Towing Your Cars and Call For Mobile Repair Services

A busy day struck with a car repair will be the worst day ever in one’s life. People find it really hard to find a mechanic to repair their cars in the middle of the road. All their plan will be to tow the car to a near by workstation. But that is more time consuming work which will cause more disturbances on your day’s plan. And towing is also a money consuming option where you must have to spend some $200 to $300 for towing your car to near by workstation.

In California, there is always an option that makes you feel easy during your car break downs. You don’t have to call a towing vehicle or never have to take your cars to near by workstation. But the workstation will come to your location. The mobile repair services in California will send you the technicians who were well trained and experienced in car repairing. They will fix your car at no time and also charges very less. The auto repair Fremont and auto service Oakland are the services chosen by people often to fix their cars. This is because these services are cheaper yet quality one.

Apart from mobile repair services, these servicing companies also provide fleet maintenance services and auto repair services at their workstations. The auto service Redwood City is a very famous service in California offered by different servicers in the state. The customers are expected to visit the workstation with their cars to avail these auto repairs and felt maintenance services. This is because; the equipments used for these services cannot be ported to the customer locations. With high quality equipment and well experience and certified technicians, the services rendered will be top in quality and cheap in cost.

To avail the mobile repair service of these companies, you are expected to make a call to them and have to mention the location in which the car is at present. To avail the fleet maintenance and auto repair services, you will be expected to schedule an appointment before you visit the service station. This will avoid too much of crowd visiting the company at the same time. The payment modes are also very simple that these servicers will accept cash mode, credit and debit cards. So if you are struck with car break down, don’t call a towing vehicle; call a mobile repair servicer and get your work done on time.

Auto Repair and Maintenance, Tuning, Motor Sports and Camping Cars’ at the one place, Automotive Aftermarket at KINTEX!

SEOUL, South Korea, March 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Automotive Week 2013, a professional exhibition specializing in automobile aftermarket will be held from coming March 28th to 31st for four days in Kintex.

The 7th Automotive Week is co-hosted with Seoul Motor Show, the biggest motor show in Korea. It provides a place people can see trends of auto market and aftermarket. Partnering up with Seoul Motor Show, Automotive Week 2013 is called ‘2013 Seoul Motor Show Aftermarket Special Exhibition’.

221 great companies in auto maintenance, tuning and motor sports including Llumar Korean, Hansol Engineering, Sinheong Sejin, Solarzen will participate. The number of booths is 1,100 and main displays will be Motor sports facilities, tuning or customized cars, performance tuning parts, dress-up parts, black-box, Auto repair shop facilities, gas station facilities, and A/S parts.

This year’s Automotive Week is expected to cater various demands of visitors with special sections for motor sports, car accessories and black box. Especially, the expanded auto-camping leisure display zone will provide any information about camping cars and their repair or maintenance. Last year, many people were interested in auto-camping.

During the exhibition, various events will be held for visitor to experience by themselves. Tsuchiya Keiichi will have a drifting demonstration and signing. And car audio installment demonstration show will catch visitors’ eyes and ears. Besides, goods for camping like tents and car accessories can be given away and photo time with racing models is planned.

Export consultation with foreign buyers will progress on the opening day of the exhibition. 300 foreign buyers from 19 countries will visit. Among them, meticulously selected 80 companies will be able to participate in export consultation. Last year, the consultation resulted in export deals worth of 85 billion WON and is anticipated it to boost export of competitive displayed goods. With National Maintenance Technology Contest, Advanced Auto-Repair Culture Seminar and Auto A/S Industry Job Fair will help professionals to interact information and technologies.

Drifting Experience Drifting shows and a chance to experience drifting with Japan’s Drift King Tsuchiya Keiichi is planned in a specially designed circuit track located in the rear of KINTEX Second Exhibition Center.

Automobile Camping and Recreational Vehicle Hall A total of 17 companies in the camping and recreational vehicles market will participate in Automotive Week. Recreational vehicle manufacturers, importers, and exporters, as well as outdoor goods specialist and RV maintenance companies will be available for duration of the whole event.

Inviting Influential Foreign Buyers Export consultation with foreign buyers will progress on the opening day of the exhibition, March 28th. Consultations will be held to assist the domestic automotive aftermarket supplier s with entrance to international markets. Over 300 influential buyers from 19 countries will visit selection of 80 companies to directly engage in export consultations. .

Nationwide Automobile Maintenance Competition Korea Association of Auto Technician and Korea Institute for Vocational Evaluation will be co-hosting the 6th National Automobile Maintenance Competition that is being held for two days. This competition is to select a superior maintenance specialist and to increase consumer’s understanding regarding maintenance and features of their car. The competition will be held for students and professionals. They will be tested on electronic equipment repair and maintenance, gasoline engine tune-up, chassis device repair and other skills related to maintenance.

Advanced Automobile Maintenance Society Korea Association of Auto Technician, Car Tech, Kintex will be hosting Advanced Automobile Maintenance Society seminars from 30th to 31st of March. Seminar will focus on the topic of effectively responding to rapidly changing automotive technology and the advancement of the domestic maintenance industry. It is also set to introduce state-of-the-art automotive maintenance industry trends.

Automotive A/S Industry Job Fair Blue Hands Association, KINTEX, and Korea Association of Auto Technician will be hosting Automotive A/S Industry Job Fair from the 29th to 31st. Recruiters will be on site for job opportunities for employment in automotive technology for students and licensed specialists. Counseling for students who are preparing to enter the workforce and experienced specialists in need for career advice can come and consult with specialists in the industry.

Installing Car Audio and Competition WAC (World Association for Car Audio) Korea will be demonstrating installing car audio and hold a competition every day of the event at the KINTEX Hall 8. This event is to increase mutual cooperation between car audio manufacturers and distributors. And, to reach out to the general consumers of the product. Aurix, 6 DB, LIB Sound and other manufacturers with distributors will be showcasing 35 vehicles equipped with sound systems.

Motorsports Exhibition Hall Motorsports Exhibition organized by GP Korea will be held for four days. Team EXR, which is led by Actor Ryu Si Won, will showcase its new 2000cc Class Formula Renault at the exhibition to the public. EXR will have its own booth with two of their team’s racing car. Atlas BX, HK Loctite, INJE Autopia, and other companies related to racing will attempt to create the motorsports track atmosphere.

Automobile Accessories and Black-box At Hall 8, visitors can check out Black-box along with other car accessories and purchase it. The Automobile Accessories Hall will display superior products from different company that visitors can try. Bullseye, ImageNext, DS Telecom and other domestic companies will exhibit the latest black-box.

How to Manage a Auto Mechanic Shop Business

Increase business with good auto repair shop management.

The manager of an auto mechanic shop can make or break the business. You need to know both how to fix cars and run a profitable business. Also know how to deal with customers so that they keep coming back. Get organized to help you manage an auto repair business and watch your bottom line improve.


      • 1

        Hire employees with experience. Mistakes in auto repair can be quite dangerous, so be sure to hire mechanics who have both knowledge and experience. Before hiring staff, you may want to give a simple hands-on test — show applicants a broken engine and ask them to fix it. Good employees will form the foundation of your business, so take time to choose the right ones.

      • 2

        Check that your business acts within local and federal laws. Violating laws could mean that the authorities will quickly close your business. You may want to hire a lawyer to help you with this. It’s always better to find a good lawyer before you need one.

    • 3

      Cultivate a good relationship with parts dealers. Be sure that you can get the parts you need delivered quickly. If you have a good relationship with the parts dealers, you can be sure that your order will take priority.

    • 4

      Purchase commonly needed items to store on location. It’s smart to have things like fan belts, tires and other products that your customers are likely to need on site. This allows you to repair cars more quickly.

    • 5

      Set up a customer database. Ask customers for their address and telephone numbers and ask if it’s OK for you to contact them. Send them a reminder when it’s time for an oil change or a letter if there has been a recall on the parts that you used. You can also send them special coupons. Having this kind of database and relationship with your customers can create loyal customers and repeat business.

    • 6

      Choose an accountant who understands your business. If you manage an auto mechanic business, you don’t want to take care of the financial details. That’s best left up to a professional accountant. When looking at accountants, look for one who understands your business, including any tax deductions for which you may be eligible.

The Best Ways to Attract Business to an Auto Repair Shop

Individuals and organizations rely on their vehicles to take them to appointments, for leisure and entertainment, and to get to and from school, work and events. To keep their vehicles running, individuals must invest in routine maintenance and repairs. Make your auto repair shop a local one-stop shop for car owners by coming up with ways to attract business and retain customers for repeat car maintenance and repair appointments.

Place Print Advertisements

  • Advertise your auto repair shop by placing advertisements in local print publications. Discount circulars, community phone books and directories, magazines and newsletters offer advertising opportunities for businesses such as auto repair shops. Rather than purchasing small classified advertisements, make your advertisements stand out by purchasing advertising space that’s at least a quarter-page advertisement. On the advertisement include your auto repair company’s logo, a brief bullet-point list of the services you offer, a link to your website and a phone number. Add a call-to-action asking potential customers to give your business a call if they have auto repair needs.

Start an Email Newsletter

  • Obtain email addresses for each client who patrons your auto repair business. Use these names to send email newsletters that offer tips and advice about car maintenance and repair, let customers know their cars are due for routine maintenance, announce in-store events and sales on everything from paint jobs to repairing dents. At the end of each email newsletter you send to your auto repair shop clients, include a note that asks them to share your email with their friends and family. Include an email newsletter signup box on your company’s website to entice visitors to sign up for your updates.

    Join Local Networking Groups

    • By joining local networking groups, you get the opportunity to make fellow business owners aware of the services your auto repair shop offers. Networking groups often have websites where they feature the names, web addresses and contact information of areas businesses who are members of their organizations. Group members, as well as local residents, frequent these sites when they’re in search of area businesses such as auto repair shops. Additionally, many networking groups host meetings that allow members to take turns introducing their products and services to the groups to help generate leads for their businesses. With the high level of community involvement networking groups offer, members are able to connect directly with their potential customers, building relations based on trust and loyalty.

    Offer Discount Coupons

    • Print sturdy, postcard-sized cards with your auto repair shop’s logo, name and contact information on them. At the bottom of the card, include a discount card customers can bring into your store and use toward first-time services. Hire high school and college students to help you market your auto repair business. Outfit them in T-shirts with your business logo, and send them into the communities you serve with your discount cards. They can place the cards on cars parked in neighborhoods and communities in your area. Other strategies might include partnering with local complementary businesses such as car supply shops and car washes where your target market may visit.

    Get Quoted

    • Establish a relationship with local reporters and bloggers and let them know that you’re available if they need quotes on auto repair-related articles and stories they may be writing. By getting quoted, you position yourself as an expert in auto repair services and get your name and business listed in articles local residents will read. This technique is a way to increase your visibility and attract new clients to your auto repair shop.

    Create a Social Meda Presence

    • Take your auto repair shop online by setting up a social media presence using sites such as Facebook. Social media can give your business a local presence and allow you to interact with potential clients, providing them with car care tips, maintenance suggestions and updating them on special promotions your auto repair shop is offering. You might even include contests or trivia your page followers can participate in to win service discounts from your shop.

    Invest in Promotional Items

    • Giving out promotional items such as license plate holders with the name and phone number of your business, pens, key chains, water bottles, notepads, coffee cups, bumper sticks or air fresheners can help you attract business to your auto repair shop. Clients may use their products at home or at the office, which can help increase visibility and attract clients to your auto shop business.

How to Start an Auto Parts Store

How to Start an Auto Parts StoreIf you are passionate about cars and being self-employed, opening an auto parts store is one way to reach your career goals while being surrounded by something you love. Opening any business involves risk, but if you do your research and plan carefully, running your own auto parts store could be a rewarding and fulfilling venture.



Research your local area to determine the need for auto parts in your area. If your community is saturated with auto parts stores, evaluate their services. You can offer the auto parts that they do not. You can also consider offering parts for different types of motorized machines, including motorcycles, lawn mowers, and other machinery.


Develop a business plan that demonstrates your goals and aspirations for your auto parts business. For instance, highlight your intentions, if any, to expand your store and any means you will use to increase your profits. You should also state the more important information that investors will be looking for, such as your monthly expenses and predicted cash flow. For free examples of business plans, visit the U.S. Small Business Administration online


Obtain start-up funds for your auto parts store. Apply for federal and private grants. These are available to just about everyone and never have to be repaid; however, the application process is tedious. If you prefer a quicker route, apply for a small business loan at a bank or credit union. Speak with family and friends about offering becoming an investor in your auto parts store. Don’t be afraid to show them your business plan as well. Your professionalism will play a large part in convincing reluctant brothers, sisters, parents and grandparents to invest in you.


Find a suitable location for your auto parts store. This should be accessible and preferably close to heavily populated areas. This will help your business stay alive due to the constant patronage of your consumers. You can buy, build or lease a store. All three options have their perks, such as being able to avoid paying for expensive structural repairs by signing a lease instead of real estate documents.


Visit your local courthouse or municipal office to apply for the proper licenses, permits and a federal tax identification number for your auto parts store. These documents must be obtained for the legal operation of your auto parts store. Consult your local Small Business Administration for questions or concerns regarding the necessary paperwork you must complete.


Find a supplier that can keep your shelves stocked with auto parts. You are going to need oil and air filters, windshield wipers, car covers, floor mats, coolants, and other items. Before making any final decisions and placing orders, shop around for the best prices. Make sure that you take good care of your relationship with your supplier as he has the auto parts that you plan to sell to make a living.


Determine how many employees you will need to help you operate your auto parts store. You can seek the help of an employment agency who can interview and hire workers on your behalf. Your employees should have customer service skills and knowledge of auto parts and their functions.


Advertise the grand opening of your auto parts store through your local paper and with plenty of signage. Create a website that contains important information, such as your store hours and contact information. Consider allowing your consumers to order their auto parts online. This will increase your sales and help you reach consumers across the country. Consider renting a billboard as well.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always remember to deliver quality customer service and stand behind your automotive products. Stay on top of the automotive industry and keep yourself and your staff educated about any changes or recalls. Competitive prices paired with quality parts and service make for a lucrative auto parts store.

How to Service a Harley-Davidson

Properly service your Harley for safety and reliability.

Harley-Davidson publishes well-defined maintenance schedules and service intervals in every service manual. The maintenance schedule is based on years of experience with the product and is designed to keep the bike operating at peak efficiency while maintaining the safety of the rider. Properly following the service intervals and performing the maintenance will help prevent costly engine damage and unsafe riding conditions. The maintenance schedule is the same across the recent model families and years, although the actual procedures will vary depending on year, model and engine family.

5,000-Mile Service

1. Remove the engine oil drain plug and drain the oil. Replace the drain plug gasket and install the drain plug. Twist the engine oil filter off the filter base and discard the filter. Lubricate the filter gasket with a light coat of fresh engine oil. Spin the filter onto the base until the gasket makes contact, and then turn it an additional one-quarter turn. Refill the engine oil. Perform the oil change every 5,000 miles.

2. Remove the air cleaner filter and inspect it for damage or clogging. Gently blow the filter out using compressed air to remove excess dirt and replace it if damaged. Do not bang the filter against a hard object to dislodge debris.




3. Inspect the tires for damage or tread wear and replace as necessary. Check the tire pressure and adjust as necessary.

4. Readjust the clutch every 5,000 miles according to the procedures for the year and model of your Harley.

5. Inspect, adjust and lubricate the throttle, clutch and brake controls every 5,000 miles. Remove tension from the cables and remove the cables from the throttle grip and clutch lever. Install a cable lubricator tool on the end of the cables and then spray lubricant into the cables. Reinstall and adjust the cables according to specification for your year and model of Harley.

6. Check the level and condition of the brake fluid in the master cylinder reservoirs. The type of brake fluid required for your Harley is embossed on top of the master cylinder reservoir cap.

7. Inspect the brake pads for wear. Replace the brake pads if the friction material reaches 0.04 inch. Look for damage, such as scoring, on the brake discs and replace the discs as necessary. Harley-Davidson does not allow turning the discs on late-model bikes. Check with an authorized service center to determine whether your discs can be turned on a lathe.

8. Remove and inspect the spark plugs for damage, wear and fouling, and replace as necessary.

9. Inspect the exhaust system for damage, leaks and missing fasteners and heat shields. Leaks usually develop at the exhaust gasket where the exhaust pipes meet the heads. Carbon appears on the chrome pipes when leaks are present.

10. Inspect the rear drive belt and pulleys for wear or damage and replace as necessary. Locate the debris deflector viewing window on the rear drive belt guard. Place the belt tensioner gauge against the underside of the belt next to the window and press the gauge upward until it reads “15 pounds.” Look through the debris deflector viewing window and note the amount of belt deflection as indicated by the graduations marked on the sight glass. Check the belt tension and alignment and adjust as necessary according to the specifications for your year and model of Harley.

11. Strike each spoke on the wheels with a spoke wrench and listen to the resulting tone. A low or dull tone indicates a loose spoke. Tighten the spoke with the wrench until it rings with the same tone as the rest of the spokes. Check the wheel spokes for tightness at the first 5,000 miles, and every 15,000 miles thereafter. For safety reasons, Harley-Davidson recommends spoke adjustment be performed by an authorized service center if more than one or two spokes require tightening.

12. Check all electrical switches and devices for proper operation. In basic terms, this is a light and horn check.

13. Check the oil lines, brake hoses and associated fittings, as well as the fuel lines and fittings for cracks or leaks. For safety reasons, Harley-Davidson recommends these checks be performed by an authorized service center.

10,000-Mile Service

  • 1

    Drain the primary chaincase and replace the chaincase drain plug gasket. Refill the primary chaincase with primary chaincase lubricant.

  • 2

    Inspect the jiffy stand for cracks or damage and lubricate it. Cracks can develop on the stand itself rather than on the stand’s swivel mount. This damage is usually caused by resting the bike on the jiffy stand and then sitting on the bike. For safety reasons, Harley-Davidson recommends jiffy stand inspection be performed by an authorized service center. If a damaged jiffy stand breaks under load, personal injury and damage to the bike can be severe.

  • 3

    Check the tightness of the critical fasteners, such as the motor mounts, transmission mounts and stabilizer links. For safety reasons, Harley-Davidson recommends this check be performed by an authorized service center.

  • 4

    Drain and replace the front fork oil and replace the drain plug gasket. This procedure requires the use of a fork holding tool. This is a specialized tool that most bike owners will not have and are not qualified to operate. Do not attempt to drain and replace the front fork oil if you are not qualified to perform this procedure.

  • 5

    Adjust the steering head bearings for fall-away. Most bike owners are not qualified to perform this procedure. Do not attempt to assess or adjust fall-away if you are not qualified to perform this procedure.

20,000-Mile and Over Service

  • 1

    Drain the transmission and replace the transmission drain plug gasket. Refill the transmission with transmission lubricant every 20,000 miles.

  • 2

    Replace the spark plugs every 20,000 miles. Do not overtighten the plugs. Damage to the aluminum engine can result if the plugs are overtightened.

  • 3

    Replace the fuel filter every 25,000 miles. The filter is located inside the fuel tank. On recent year, fuel-injected models, the filter mounts on the fuel pump. On earlier, models with carburetors, the filter mounts on the petcock at the bottom of the tank. If you are uncomfortable performing fuel system procedures, Harley-Davidson recommends the fuel filter replacement be performed by an authorized service center for safety reasons.

  • 4

    Inspect the rear fork bearings every 30,000 miles for signs of damage or cracking. Most bike owners are not qualified to replace the rear fork bearings. Do not attempt to replace the bearings if you are not qualified to perform this procedure.

  • 5

    Disassemble, inspect and lubricate the steering head bearings every 30,000 miles. Most bike owners are not qualified to perform this procedure. Do not attempt to disassemble or lubricant the steering head if you are not qualified.

  • 6

    Inspect the battery for cracks or damage and clean the battery and battery cable terminals once a year. Clean the battery with a solution of 5 teaspoons of baking soda to 1 quart of water.

  • 7

    Perform a road test to check the operation of all systems after every service. Perform a low-speed test in a controlled environment, such as a parking lot, before taking the bike into traffic.


Tips & Warnings

  • Procedures and parts needed for required and suggested maintenance may vary slightly among years and models. Refer to model-specific service information for relevant service procedure details and fluid requirements.
  • If you are uncomfortable performing any of these procedures, take the bike to an authorized Harley-Davidson service center for service. Improperly performed service on a motorcycle can result in an unsafe riding condition, severe personal injury and death.

Car Maintenance Checklist

All automotive manufacturers have their own maintenance procedures and schedules, which vary based on the brand of vehicle, types of drivetrain and engine construction, as well as the year model. Advances in metallurgy and the chemicals used in the fluids and lubricants drive many of the variations in maintenance. Due to these changes, refer to your owner’s manual or other factory service literature for your model- and year-specific procedures and fluids. In spite of these differences, though, there are general maintenance points and procedures that have more or less remained constant across the industry and the years

Engine and Drivetrain Fluids

  • Your engine oil and transmission fluid are the primary concerns here, but there are a host of other fluids that are also critical to the drivetrain. Regularly check the level and condition of the power-steering fluid, brake fluid, engine coolant and hydraulic clutch fluid, where applicable. Inspect the rear differential fluid on rear-wheel-drive vehicles, as well as the front differential and transfer case on four-wheel-drive vehicles. Replace these fluids at the intervals specified by your owner’s manual.

Engine Wear Points

  • In addition to the fluids, there are mechanical components on the engine which will wear and fail over time. Among these are the air filter, PCV valve, breather element, drive belts, spark plugs and plug wires. Check all of these components regularly, and adjust them if needed and replace them when they display signs of excessive wear.

    Chassis Maintenance

    • The body and frame of your vehicle has a number of crucial maintenance points. Chief among these are the tires and brake calipers, pads, shoes, rotors and drums. These are especially important for safe driving, and in many states are included in annual inspections. Regular tire rotations will maximize tread life. All of these components must be within their service wear limits and in good operational condition. If you have an older car, your undercarriage may have a number of grease points called Zerk fittings that you will need to grease occasionally. These Zerks will be mounted in points that allow relative motion of suspension components, such as ball joints and tie-rod ends, as well as in the U-joints in the driveshaft. Many newer vehicles do not have Zerk fittings, and require no grease service.

    Service Intervals

    • General service intervals would have you changing the oil every three months or 3,000 miles on older vehicles, with a longer interval on newer vehicles. Using synthetic or semi-synthetic engine oil can also extend the interval beyond what would normally be appropriate if you were to use conventional oil. Many modern vehicles use an oil-life monitor to dictate the interval on your engine oil changes. Automatic transmissions generally need a drain and fill and filter change every 30,000 miles, but it is important that you do not allow the automatic transmission fluid to go more than around 100,000 miles without being changed, or you will cause significant damage when you do change the fluid. You never need a flush — just a drain and fill. If you let someone flush a transmission that is running very old fluid, it can destroy the transmission within the next few thousand miles. Check all of the other service and wear points whenever you perform a full oil and filter change.

About Car Detailing

About Car Detailing

There is nothing like having a clean car. While anyone can simply clean his vehicle, it takes a lot of time and effort to get the car to look as if it just came off the showroom floor.

Detailers take great time and effort to ensure that your car looks its finest. Detailing is more than just washing the exterior and vacuuming the carpets. It’s about getting into every nook and cranny and removing dirt and grime that have built up over the years–thus restoring the car to showroom quality.


  • Auto detailing is done for different reasons.

    The art of car detailing is said to have started in Southern California, though no one is quite sure exactly when. Detailing is defined as thoroughly cleaning a vehicle inside and out, in addition to applying wax and polishing the vehicle, thus producing a level of detail that would be deemed show-quality.

    The practice of car detailing has spread throughout the United States and has become more than just a fad. Currently, over 50,000 detailers exist across the country, and these individuals rake in approximately $100,000 a year in detailing sales.


  • Polishing chrome is a big part of detailing.

    Sometimes an individual will have his vehicle detailed simply because he wants a clean car. At other times, detailing becomes a very serious business, especially when the person having her auto detailed intends to enter it in a car show. In car shows, a vehicle is often judged partially on how well-kept and clean it appears. One such car show that is devoted mainly to the appearance of cars is the Concours d’Elegance, sometimes referred to as the Concours.


    • Detailing takes time and a lot of hard work.

      There are different methods of auto detailing. One is exterior detailing, which includes waxing, claying, correcting paint defects and polishing the exterior of the vehicle.

      The second type is interior detailing. Interior detailing typically involves liquid cleaners and brushes. Every surface within the interior of the car must be cleaned, from the dashboard, console and visors to the instrument panel. Vacuuming is performed as well.

      The third type of detailing has to do with the engine: It involves removing grease and dirt from the engine bay with all-purpose cleaners and de-greasers.


    • Though it would appear that detailing covers every aspect of cleaning a vehicle, it does not encompass considerations like upholstery work, painting, body work or mechanical repair.

      The purpose of detailing is to bring out the vehicle’s appearance potential via the polishing and waxing of exterior paint, wheels and chrome, and by giving the upholstery and seats a thorough cleaning.

      Depending on the detailer, a customer might also be able to purchase undercoating services (including rust-proofing) and interior sealant. Some detailers even repair convertible tops or vinyl upholstery. Most do not, however, and will usually refer you to professionals who specialize in such repairs.


    • Most auto-detailing shops are in remote locations. Because most detailers are not businessmen but craftsmen, they do not typically advertise their services aggressively. You are most likely to find an auto detailer working in a mechanic’s garage, or perhaps out of a private residence. Mobile auto detailing is also becoming increasingly popular, as it allows the owner to have his vehicle professionally detailed without ever having to leave home or the office.

How to Detail a Car

Even if you’re not preparing for a special event, detailing your own car can be a rewarding experience. You’ll also save money and may even come out ahead by discovering a treasure trove of change rivaling that in your couch. Here are a few tips on how to get started.

  • Detailing the Inside

      • 1

        Vacuum the carpets and floor mats thoroughly.

      • 2

        Remove carpet and floor mat stains caused by the soft drinks or coffee you spilled when you hit that speed bump. Use either a mild soap solution or a commercial stain remover. If needed, use a brush to remove the sticky matter that you can’t and don’t want to identify.

    • 3

      Clean the upholstery the same way you cleaned the carpet. If using a commercial stain remover, make sure it is appropriate for the upholstery. Destroying your expensive leather seats by using an overly harsh solvent may cause a lot of damage.

    • 4

      Clean out any dirt from the doorjamb, carefully wiping with a soapy solution and a rag. For the tighter areas and smaller parts, you may need to use a small brush or a cotton swab.

    • 5

      Clean the interior of the door with a soapy solution and a soft rag. For those areas encrusted with heavy, slimy, ugly muck, a commercial cleaning fluid may be needed. Since some door interiors have silly and useless ornaments, cotton swabs or a toothbrush may be needed to finish the cleaning process. Use a soft cloth to dry the door.

    • 6

      Clean the interior windows with a commercial window cleaning fluid.

    • 7

      Clean the steering wheel column with your soapy solution, cotton swabs, and toothbrush. Both the steering wheel and the steering column should then be covered with a spray-on surface protectant.

    • 8

      Clean the dashboard and center console with the soapy rag–you may need to use the cotton swabs and toothbrush.

    Detailing the Outside

    • 1

      Wash your car in sections. A typical car can be washed in five sections.

    • 2

      Use a detergent made specifically for automobiles so you don’t damage the finish. A soft washing cloth or chamois should also be used. The amount of water used during the process should be generous, and if using a bucket of water and not a hose, when the water becomes moderately dirty, it should be changed.

    • 3

      Rinse the car after washing. This removes detergent from sitting on the paint and promoting oxidation. Dry the car thoroughly using the softest towels you can find.

    • 4

      Clean the wheels and tires separate from the rest of the car. Wheels and tires can be quite dirty and covered with brake pad dust, a heavier detergent specifically for wheels and tires may be needed. There are a number of tire treatment products on the market. They also require more time, and this breaks up the rhythm of washing, which could possibly lead to the drying of detergent on the exterior surfaces of the car.

    • 5

      Wax your car using a polish with a high Carnauba content. Liquid and paste waxes are superior to thinner spray-on waxes. One application of wax is sufficient. Excess wax should be removed with a very soft cloth.

    • 6

      Clean the exterior glass using a glass cleaning fluid. Newspaper does a good job of polishing glass.


Tips & Warnings

  • Sometimes, the only way to remove dust from small recessed areas is the use of canned air like that used to clean computers.
  • There are many types of wheels. It is best to check manufacturer recommendations for suggestions regarding their cleaning.
  • If you have been tooling through the countryside in the summer, cleaning the windshield glass may require more than simply cleaning and polishing away water streaks. A rubber spatula is sometimes helpful removing dead bugs.
  • It’s crucial that you don’t spray commercial cleaning fluids or slosh the soapy water solution all over the dash board. This area of the automobile contains electrical switches as well as your sound system.
  • A chamois should not be used to dry the car because small particles can cling to it and scratch the surface.
  • You should not wash or wax your car in direct sunlight. Soap suds and wax will dry quicker and sunlight can promote water spotting.

Winter Car Storage Guide

For owners of luxury or classic and sports cars, fall season is the end of the driving season and gets people to think about winter car storage. Many people with a hobby vehicle store their special car during winter, so it will be spared from the hars cold weather. But before storage the car should be properly prepared. Here’s a helpful guide:

1. Storage Location: Pick a dry and safe facility to storge your vehicle during winter. Your garage could do the job just fine. But if you do not have a home garage, find a self-storage facility with concrete floor. The self-storage unit or building doesn’t have to be climate controlled but must not be prone to excessive moisture.

2. Check The Engine Oil: Pull the dip stick to check the engine oil. If it’s very dirty and you have reached the mileage limit, it should be changed before you store the car. Otherwise, you could wait until spring and start the season with new oil. The kilometers used is the most important factor when talking about engine oil. Modern oil, especially the synthetic type is stable for one year in the a car’s engine. Fogging the engine of your car isn’t necessary unless you’re storing your car for more than one year.

3. Wash & Clean: Before storing your vehicle, clean it thoroughly to make sure that there are no contaminants left on the exterior during the period of storage.

4. Top Up Fluids: After cleaning your vehicle, drive it to the gas station to get rid of any water from the crevices. Fill the gas tank then add fuel stabilizer. Allow it to run for several minutes in order to allow the stabilizer to flow through the engine’s fuel system. Check other fluid levels like anti-freeze. Make sure they’re topped up.

5. Tires: At the self-storage facility, inflate the tires to the maximum PSI rate, which is indicated on the tires’ sidewall. Doing so will help prevent the tires from having flat spots. It’s important to get rid of modern radial tires and it’s not advisable to put a vehicle up on blocks and just leave the suspension hanging for a long time. Leave your vehicle in neutral and make sure you disengage the hand brake. An automatic transmission vehicle could be left in park in order to prevenet any movement. The vehicle must be parked on level surface.

6. Battery: The opinions regarding batteries vary, but it’s still best to take the battery out. You can leave your batter in your home on a piece of wood connected to a battery tender/maintener, and not a trickle charger. Some newer vehicles require that the battery is connected all the time in order to preserve the memory of the computer. In such case, it is alright to connect the tender to the battery while the hood is slightly open, to run the cables in the engine bay.

7. Ventilation: Leave the window one inch lower to have a good air flow and prevent moisture from developing inside the car.

1964 Chevy Impala SS

The 1964 Impala SS is moving into the paint booth tomorrow for the second priming. Once I have the Impala blown off, wiped down and in the bright light of the paint booth. I am personally going to do a once over of the Impala to make certain that this car is as straight as it needs to be. Mike has chosen an extremely dark blue, and for all the work that has gone into this car. I do not want any ripples or waves.

I arrived at Glory Days at 7:30 this morning. I spent 8 hours of my day working on getting the Impala fuel door fit to the car. I had to completely redo all of the work that had already been done.


About Matthew Wright, Our Auto Repair Expert

Matthew Wright, your Guide to Auto Repair, has been trained in both journalism and auto repair, with extensive experience in both fields. He attended Georgia State University’s well known school of journalism, where he studied newswriting. Prior to this he worked for years in the automotive industry, running a repair facility in Atlanta before moving to the great state of New York.

Matthew has experience in both journalism and auto repair. He has worked in the automotive industry since 1989, specializing in European auto repair and rebuilding. After almost a decade in the business, he began working as a reporter in 1996, and has held positions as a newspaper staff writer and magazine editor. After some years in journalism, he returned to the automotive world, opening an exclusive repair and restoration facility for vintage European makes.

Matthew attended Georgia State University where he studied print journalism and held the position of news editor at the University’s weekly newspaper, but the real education came from years of maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing both my own cars and those for our first repair facility, Wright Brothers Automotive. There is no substitute for experience, and Matthew’s experience goes back to 1989.
Matthew Wright

Doing your own auto repair, troubleshooting and maintenance can be very rewarding! Not only will you save money by avoiding some trips to the repair shop, the more you fix yourself the better you know your car, and that makes sense on all fronts. With a little help, you can be greasy and accomplished in no time at all. And for those times that a trip to the mechanic is unavoidable, you’ll know when you’re being treated fairly and when somebody might be trying to rip you off. Throw a little mechanic-speak back at those guys and watch their tune change before your eyes. Now get out there and dirty up!


SEATTLE, June 29 /PRNewswire/ — In the first enforcement action under a new law, a chain of auto repair shops in King and Pierce counties has agreed to reimburse eight customers more than $10,000, Attorney General (AG) Christine O. Gregoire said today.
In a suit filed against H.C. Auto Care Inc. the Attorney General’s Office alleged the firm violated the several provisions of Washington’s auto repair disclosure law that went into effect Jan. 1. The AG’s Office claimed H.C. Auto:
— Installed parts on vehicles without accurately indicating on
invoices whether the part was new, used or rebuilt;
— Kept customers’ payments for repairs not performed, or for parts
not delivered or installed; and
— Failed to post signs explaining customers’ right regarding auto
“These and other violations of the law demonstrate the need for our tough statute against unfair or unscrupulous auto repair practices,” Gregoire said. “Most consumers must rely heavily on the expertise and, equally important, the honesty, of auto repair specialists.”
H.C. Auto operates nine auto repair facilities in Seattle, Bellevue, Lynnwood, Federal Way, Tacoma, Kirkland and Renton. Its headquarters are in Seattle.
In addition to paying $10,208 in restitution to eight consumers, the firm has agreed to pay about $3,500 in attorneys’ fees and court costs, under a settlement filed Monday in King County Superior Court. An additional civil penalty of $15,000 was suspended, on the condition the firm does not violate state consumer laws. The company does not admit any fault in the settlement.
This enforcement action comes on the heels of 12 training sessions statewide on the new Automotive Repair Act. More than 1,100 service managers and independent shop owners participated in the sessions, conducted by the AG’s Office between October 1993 and May of this year.
For the last several years, automotive repair concerns have comprised the largest or second largest category of complaints received by the AG’s Consumer Protection Division. This high volume of complaints prompted Gregoire to propose significant changes to the auto repair law in 1992. Last year, auto repair concerns ranked second with 1,500, or 8 percent of the total complaints to the Consumer Protection Division.
To help educate the public, the AG’s Office has published “Auto Repair Law,” a brochure on consumers’ rights and how to deal with auto repair facilities. It is available free by calling 800-551-4636, or, for the hearing impaired, 800-276-9883.
Assistant Attorney General Douglas D. Walsh and Investigator Tim Schindele handled this case for the Office of the Attorney General.
-0- 6/29/94
/NOTE TO EDITORS: The following Tukwila resident, who is one of the eight consumers receiving restitution, is available for interviews: Michael Greener, 206-244-4506/
/CONTACT: Doug Walsh, Consumer Protection Division, 206-464-7243, or Dean R. Owen, Public Affairs Office, 206-586-1883, both of the Attorney General’s Office/